35 Things You and Your Roommates Yell

Suite style living has its perks. One perk is two more roommates that you share a bathroom and memories with.

1.” It takes really long to blow dry my hair so get ready”

For the next twenty minutes all you will hear is the hairdryer

2. “What song is that?”

My suite frequents yelling this while one is in the bathroom

3. “Are you talking about me in there?”


4. “Guys the door is locked”

Forgetting keys is a sport

5. “Open the door I have to pee”

6. “How much self tan is too much self tan?”


Anytime they ask for help with bio homework

8. “I have your cups. I’m not returning your cups.”

Reusable cups at Cascadia are amazing.

9. “Why are you in my bed?”

Why are you not in your bed?

10. “You have your own room.”

11. “I’m hungry but I don’t want to get up”

12. “Can you do me a favor?”

No, no I can’t

13. “You’re scaring me”

That was the plan

14. “Why do you know all of these lyrics?”

Please stop “serenading” me with My Neck, My Back

15. “You look great!”

You say as you continue to look at your laptop

16. “Congratulate me, I washed my hair”

17. “Can I do your makeup?”

“You’re lucky I spared you from eyeliner”

18. “Do I need to shave?”

19. “My body hurts and I don’t know why”

20. “I bet I can eat this whole pint of ice cream in one sitting”

21. “Where’s my phone?”

Probably next to you but ask just in case.

22. “Can you see my butt in this dress?”

23. “I ordered pizza so I need you to go pick it up with me so they don’t know it’s just for me”

But are you really tricking them?

24. “If I have to pee one more time in the next twenty minutes I’m going to be pissed”

25. “My roommate is asleep so I’m going to chill in here”

26. “Let's learn all of the lyrics to this rap together. It can be our thing.”

27. “If you listen to the Shrek album one more time I’m throwing your phone out the window”

28. “Will you take the trash out for me?”

29. “Don’t eat my food or I’ll stab you”

30. “Stop falling”

31. “Guess what! I just shaved my legs for the first time in a month”

32. “I am a lady. I may have just pounded a bag of chips, but I’m a lady”

33. “What should I caption this picture”

34. “Is this filter too much”

35. “I love you but you won’t make me mac and cheese”

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