After my first semester at Trinity, the school, and San Antonio have become my home -- but there are a lot of things that are still a mystery to me (and probably most other students). Here's a compilation of some of my questions to the University administrators/professors/students:

1. Why do you love Aramark products so much?

2. Why are the fire drills at such inconvenient times?

3. Does the art piece on the Esplanade look vaguely like a pregnant woman on purpose?

4. Why is health services basically hidden?

5. Does the hamburger station in the POD have hours or...?

6. When are we ALL going to use keycards for our dorms instead of keys?

7. What do you use those side-rooms in Mabee Dining Hall for?

8. Why do I get lost in the Bell Center every time I go in there?

9. Has anyone ever gone to the 2nd floor of Mabee?

10. A little birdie told me you serve better food (non-Aramark products) when large groups of prospective students visit - WHY YOU LIE TO THEM?

11. Okay let's be real... That wasn't 20,000 pounds of 'snow' on the intramural field, was it?

12. How is the parking lot always so full?

13. Why are Nacho Wednesdays such a blessing?

14. Why do you give us the swivel chairs in class and expect us not to be distracted?

15. Why do the tour guides say Cardiac Hill "isn't too bad"?

16. Why is the chicken seasoning distributed by the Mabee workers now?

17. Actually - why does the chicken need chicken seasoning?

18. How much do you regret putting Trinity next to Alamo Stadium?

19. Back to Cardiac Hill - who is responsible?

20. Why is the lady from Einsteins such a wonderful human being?

21. Why is half of our school population from Houston?

22. Why is the sheet part of the shower curtain in such an inopportune place?

23. Why is the library such a far walk from Lower Campus?

24. Do you guys know about the "secret" cave?

25. Why did my friend with crutches not get golf carts to take her to class???

26. Do any administrators/professors have TU Snaps on Snapchat?

27. Why is the Res Life so slow about the roommate situations?

28. Who makes the fountain into a bubble bath?

29. Why do we have 1 campus dog for more than 2,000 students?

30. Also, where can I check out this dog?

31. But really, why is Mabee so bad?

32. Why does Murchison have such a great study lounge?

33. Are all bookstores this expensive?

34. Does anyone actually play racquetball in the racquetball courts or do we all just use them for makeshift dance studios?

35. Can people hear us breathing as we walk up Cardiac Hill?