35 Questions You Have While Being Home For The Summer

You packed your bags, filled your car to the brim, and now you're finally home. It's time to take a break from all of the stress of the school year. You might think that moving home for the summer will bring you simplicity, as you make effortless memories. You're going to rest up, take some time off, maybe not go out too much, opt out of taking summer classes, and you're going to really enjoy yourself. Originally, you probably thought that you dodged a bullet. You didn't sign up to sit in lecture halls all summer bubbling in quiz answers on your Scantron, and you honestly thought you were going to have it easy. Well, aren't you horribly mistaken. These three months have you just as confused as before. Summers at home leave you with more questions than answers, and it seems as though these questions never end.

1) Can we go home? I told my mom I would be there by midnight.

2) Are you taking a class at the community college?

3) Can we go do something fun?

4) It's already June?!

5) It's only June?!

6) She's in high school, why is she here?

7) Why am I so pale?

8) Do you have a good series I can start on Netflix?

9) Mom, can we go on vacation?

10) Can we go to the other grocery store? I don't want to see anyone I know.

11) Do I really have to unpack? I'm so okay with living out of a suitcase for 3 months.

12) Can we go to the beach?

13) Is it too late to sign up for a summer class back at school?

14) What day of the week is it again?

15) Why is there no food in this house?

16) How did I just sleep until noon?

17) You're my only friend, why are you working everyday this week?

18) How many seasons do you think I can watch in one day?

19) Can I just take my dog back with me to school?

20) Where is she going to school again?

21) Why am I so burnt?

22) Why haven't I gotten anything for my apartment?

23) Are you sure that's her? She's changes so much since high school.

24) Can we hangout? It's been so long.

25) Am I really going to workout this summer?26) Can we take a road trip?

27) Why can't I find any of my stuff?

28) Is it acceptable to eat all of my parents food just because it's free?

29) I seriously have a curfew?

30) Is it bad that I already miss my friends from school? I know it's only been a week.

31) Are my parents really uptight and clean or do i just have really dirty, bad habits?

32) Is two weeks too long to use finals as an excuse to relax?

33) Why aren't I studying abroad?

34) Why is everyone having more fun than me?

35) So when do classes start?

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