32 Thoughts Every Broke College Girl Has

1. I only have $50 left in my account to last me for the next two weeks....guess I'll be eating Ramen Noodles from here on out....

2. OK, I'm going to go to the mall with my friends but I'm not going to buy anything.

3. Oh no, I'm going into Forever 21. I WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING.

4. I'm just going to try this shirt on for next time.

5. Just kidding, I'm going to buy it now.

6. Great, now I only have $35 left in my account.

7. OK, now I really cannot buy anything else or go out to eat.

8. How am I supposed to afford my three grande Starbucks I usually buy every day?

9. Maybe I can ask my parents to give me some extra money...

10. But that'll be the third time this month I've asked them...

11. NO. I will survive on $35.

12. My roommates want to go out tonight, but I can't afford all of this alcohol.

13. Maybe I'll try and have guys buy all my drinks tonight...

14. Yeah, I'll just do that!

15. Ugh, why am I so poor?!

16. I wonder if I can ask a freshman to share their meal plans with me...

17. Why don't I have a meal plan anymore?

18. OMG, my dad is calling me. He's probably calling to tell me that my account balance fell below $50...again.

19. Yep, he was calling about that.

20. Maybe I can ask my roommate for that money she owes me from when I bought her Chipotle last week.

21. Chipotle sounds really good right now, but I still have no money...

22. I could totally just get chips and guac...oh, wait, Chipotle charges extra for that.

23. Why do I always end up doing this to myself?

24. I am in desperate need of some Starbucks right now....


26. Oh, no, I forgot my rent is due at the end of the month. Hopefully, that direct deposit hits just in time.

27. What if I can't pay rent in time...

28. What if I get evicted and my parents make me move back home?!

29. Is it too late to become a stripper? How much do they make anyways?

30. No, I probably shouldn't do that, because my parents wouldn't be very happy.

31. So how do I make $35 last me for two weeks?

32. Oh! Maybe I cold freeze my eggs and maybe that would give me enough to buy alcohol for the weekend and a chipotle burrito.

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