It seems that everyone that lives in Wisconsin has a love-hate relationship with it. Some days we love it (when it actually is above 40 degrees), and some days we hate it here (ahem, winter that drags into April, thanks Wisconsin). But as much as some other states may make fun of us, we really have it good here (and they talk smack because they are jealous). We embrace our uniqueness, and that is what makes Wisconsin home.

If you say some of these things, hey, you might be from Wisconsin, and if not, you’ll fit right in here. #sconnienation

1. “Where is the bubbler?”

2. “Is it too cold to wear shorts?”

3. “Sorry I was late I was following a tractor”

4. “What time is the pregame?”

5. “Do you guys have brats?”

6. “There are FIBs everywhere”

7. “Oh yeah I ran into my pastor at the bar the other night”

8. “My roads don’t get plowed until about 2 pm. That’s why I wasn’t at school yesterday”

9. “Why is there a deer carcass hanging in the tree?”

10. “Spotted Cow is where it’s at”

11. “Oh, I only came to state fair to drink, eat cheese curds, and have a cream puff”

12. *Wears a swimsuit* “Nice farmer’s tan”

13. “Yeah, I heat my house with a wood burning furnace, like the good ole days”

14. “Where’s the Summer Shandy?”

15. “I love going up North”

16. “Saturdays are for the Badgers”

17. The Packer Prayer: “Our Father, who art in Lambeau, hallowed be thy arm…”

18. “Miller lite or die”

19. “When is the Grilled Cheese Championship again?”

20. “I only get my milk from Kwik Trip”

21. “Can I get some extra butter?”

22. “Can I get some cheese too?”

23. “You goin’ to the fish fry?”

24. “All my friends drive trucks”

25. “My high school had ‘drive your tractor to school day’”

26. “I went on a snowmobile through the McDonalds Drive Thru”

27. “Beer”

28. “Cut offs and jorts”

29. “The Bears still suck”

30. “Keep er movin’”

31. “I remember when it was summer, it was a whopping 60 degrees”

32. “Oh it’s 32 out? Ah I don’t need a coat”