What To Know About 31 Bits

A company called "31 Bits" is the next big thing in the fashion world that you definitely need to know about, and here's why.

All the way across the world in Uganda, women whose families have been displaced from their homes due to the war are employed by 31 Bits, and they enter into a five year program which helps them not only earn a paycheck by making the jewelry, but they receive health, business, and financial education, as well as counseling, if they need any.

31 Bits' mission is to eventually have these women living a stable life with a stable income after graduating from their five year program and to rise above the poverty that is so prevalent in Uganda. These women earn the equivalent pay to an average Ugandan teacher and after they graduate as they start their own business of whatever they choose to do, whether that be sewing clothes or selling crops. The women become empowered because of this program, and they are able to see that they do have a purpose!

On the 31 Bits website the meaning of the name is described. "31" come from the Bible verse Proverbs 31, and how it describes the ideal women who has Christ instilled in her and who is committed to her family. These Ugandan women are exactly that—Proverbs 31 women. The value of 31 Bits resembles the values talked about in Proverbs 31, as expected, which include love, hope, equality, growth, honesty, and quality. The "Bits" part comes from the "bits" of recycled paper that all the jewelry is made from.

31 Bits focuses on the women as individuals and then provides an inclusive environment for the families to all share the love of Jesus. Through 31 Bits these women are given a chance to redefine themselves all while refining their skill set.

The women are the ones making each piece of jewelry out of 100 percent recycled paper (how cool is that?), and so whenever someone buys a piece of jewelry from 31 Bits, they are helping each of these Ugandan women and are helping them work towards a better life for them and their families. When you buy the jewelry, you're not just buying jewelry, but rather helping a woman become a survivor and helping a woman who was able to overcome her situation.

Here is some of the jewelry that you can find on their website.

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