Anyone who owns a dog or has spent a lot of time around them knows that they certainly can teach us a lot. Whether it's life lessons, how to have fun, or the best sleeping positions, dogs know it better than anyone or anything else in the world. Sure, we humans think that we can teach a dog new tricks and are so proud when we finally train them, but do we ever stop to think that maybe we aren't the ones doing the training? Maybe our dogs are teaching and training us everything that's important to know in life. Here are some of the things that we can learn from our dogs.

1. Begging will get you almost anything.

2. Being cute will get you almost anything as well.

3. It's socially acceptable to spend 98 percent of your day sleeping.

4. It's also socially acceptable to pee in public.

5. Growling and fighting can get rid of pretty much all of your enemies.

6. You don't need a lot to entertain you, a tennis ball will do.

7. If you hurt someone's feelings, just lick them on the face and everything will be resolved.

8. It's completely okay to burp in someone else's face while staring at them. You don't need to say excuse me.

9. Eating garbage is a healthy afternoon snack.

10. Never let anyone put a cone on your head just because you want to lick yourself. It's your body and you do what you want with it.

11. Bathing really isn't that important, but when you do, make sure to roll in some dirt right afterwards.

12. People love when you wake them up by stepping all over their face, they really do.

13. It's okay to expect people to touch you 24/7, and if they don't, it's okay to nudge them until they do.

14. Eating poop is normal, but only if it's frozen.

15. The best way to get to know someone new is to sniff them, especially their butt.

16. Never trust cats, they will eventually kill off the entire world.

17. Sleeping with your eyes open isn't creepy in the slightest.

18. You should always expect an extravagant gift in return for good behavior.

19. If you're choking on something, just hack it up loudly, no one will be grossed out.

20. The best way to win a girl over is by humping her.

21. If you don't want to go somewhere, just lay down and do not move no matter what. You'll always win.

22. Nibbling on body parts is the best form of flirting.

23. Squirrels are extremely important to life.

24. Drooling is A-okay!

25. If you did something wrong, just don't look at the person when they're talking to you. They will never know.

26. Sticking your head out the car window will always be the most exhilarating moment of your life.

27. People love receiving a single shoe, sock, or pair of dirty underwear as a gift.

28. It's normal to lay on your back with your legs spread eagle because it's totally comfortable.

29. Doctors are evil.

30. Dogs are the greatest pet and companion on the face of the Earth.