30 Thank-Yous For The Best Dad Ever

Dear Dad,

As I grow older, I know it's becoming difficult to find time to spend with one another. Between work, school, and everything in between, I often find myself missing the simpler times where my schedule solely depended on yours. Amongst all of this, I often forget to tell you how much I truly appreciate you. The truth is, you are the reason I am where I am today and I love you more than you know. Thank you, Dad. Thank you...

1. For surprising me with a clean car that you spent hours washing and vacuuming

2. For running out to the store at night to get dessert when there's nothing in the fridge

3. For being the best grill-master of all time (and for following my ridiculous requests when it comes to cooking meat...lol)

4. For listening to me belt out the words to my favorite songs whenever we drive anywhere together

5. For making even my smallest victories feel huge

6. For telling me how great I am, even if I don't always agree

7. For making sure my oil tank never runs low

8. For always asking me how my day was

9. And for actually listening when I rant about every minor inconvenience I faced

10. For always being down to get iced coffee

11. For teaching me how to drive (and for not yelling at me when you realize I've developed my own unique driving habits)

12. For being the most patient man in the whole entire world

13. And for hardly ever losing your cool when I give you unnecessary attitude (I'm working on that)

14. For being accepting of every boy that has entered my life

15. For giving the best, yet the most simplistic advice

16. For teaching me what it means to be hard working

17. For putting a positive spin on every negative aspect of your life

18. For telling me the corniest jokes

19. And for absolutely never failing to make me laugh

20. For showing me exactly what to look for in a partner

21. For attending every ballet recital for fifteen years straight

22. And for actually enjoying watching me perform

23. For keeping calm when I make mistakes

24. And for teaching me the lessons that come from each one

25. For giving the absolute best hugs

26. For sharing all of your funny stories about growing up

27. For knowing everything (yes, I still believe that)

28. For never giving up when times are tough

29. For doing everything in your power to give me a good life

30. For being the best dad a girl could ask for

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you... I love you, Dad.

Happy Father's Day

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