As you begin to pack all of your belongings, say goodbyes to people that make leaving so hard and embark on your journey near or far for the summer months, many of us are plagued with feelings of sadness and loss as we return home. In the coming days, the eagerness to return back to school consumes our minds as we attempt to find an escape from the boredom of our homes, but there are surely a few perks to being back. Here’s a list of 30 of the most important ones that every college kid appreciates about being in their hometowns:


2. The proximity to Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks

3. The abundance of food that is only a few steps away

4. Normal shower water pressure

5. Bagel stores

6. Being able to drive

7. Summer jobs

8. Returning back to your old schools

9. Home-cooked meals

10. Shopping at stores, as opposed to the usual online shopping

11. Sleeping in your own, normal-sized bed

12. Being stress-free

13. Hanging out with your dog

14. The cleanness of “normal” tap water

15. Reuniting with friends (those from high school and those from years and years ago)

16. Getting to borrow clothes from your siblings

17. Being home for your high schools’ proms and graduation

18. Pizza Parlors


20. The real restaurants that you craved, as opposed to the small, pop-up restaurants that’s located in your Student Centers

21. Late night drives

22. Mom being there to take care of you when your sick

23. Diners, diners, and more diners.

24. Having your favorite restaurant worker recognize you and remember your “usual order”

25. Going into your favorite local shops and seeing people you’ve known for years

26. Hearing people say “Taylor Ham” or “Pork Roll” and not arguing over which it is

27. Being able to drive around and know exactly where you are going

28. Having your school friends meet your home friends, or, in other words, “when old meets new”

29. Being able to jam out in the shower without having people judge you

30. Using terminology that only your friends from home would know

Even when the tears are streaming down your face as you are saying your goodbyes, know that there are a few perks of being home for the next few months. Be sure to take advantage of them before you make your return back to school!