The 30-Day Random Act Of Kindness Challenge

Valentine’s decorations are popping up in the seasonal section of stores now. The “month of love” is 28 days of emotional extremes, in my opinion; people either loathe the month that forces them to accept single-hood, or are infatuated with the constant reminder that love is a universal noun, verb and language. Whatever your feelings may be on February, and Valentine’s Day in general, there is no denying that showing love to people is widely appreciated and way too scarce.

Unfortunately, randomly showing kindness to others has become somewhat of a rarity in this culture, and is looked at as an action done to solicit something in return. Being a true “hero” in society is a dying art, as so many people have forgotten how to show kindness to those in need. Like painting a masterpiece, random acts of kindness are a work of heart and must come from a place of genuine sincerity. I encourage you to exercise your heart these next 30 days by showing one (or more!) random act of kindness to someone each day. Acts of kindness show humility to the witnesses and speak volumes to those involved.

  • Write a letter or send a card to someone you love “just because.”
  • Give 3 genuine, unsolicited compliments.
  • Pay for the Starbucks order of the person behind you in line.
  • Post a photo on social media of you and a friend with an encouraging caption about them or how much they mean to you.
  • Find 5 items you can donate to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.
  • Pick up 3 pieces of trash – We need to be kind to the Earth, too!
  • Offer to help someone carry their things.
  • Tape a few quarters to a vending machine with a note that reads: “Your treat is on me! Have a good day!”
  • Put change in a meter that is about to run out.
  • Go out of your way to make a new friend.
  • Call a loved one you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  • Leave an encouraging note on someone’s car windshield.
  • Bring treats to share with your coworkers.
  • Give up your seat for someone in need.
  • Let a car merge in front of you, and give them a smile afterward.
  • Thank someone who does a hard job not many people would take.
  • Ask someone how their day is, and really listen.
  • Give a generous tip to a waiter or waitress.
  • Hold the door open for someone.
  • Be a designated driver.
  • Return a rogue shopping basket – (You wouldn’t believe how appreciated this is!)
  • Give a care package to a homeless person.
  • Give a hug to someone.
  • Apologize to someone you know you’ve wronged.
  • Support local shops.
  • Share an uplifting article with a friend who may need or like it.
  • Go the whole day without saying anything negative.
  • Smile, just because!
  • Volunteer to do a task you wouldn’t otherwise do.
  • Pick Your Own!

Of course, these are just suggestions for random acts of kindness. If you have any that you’d like to demonstrate toward others that aren’t already on this list, go for it. You wouldn’t believe how much of an impact you could make in someone’s life just by showing them a little kindness. Being a “hero” doesn’t require super strength or supernatural powers; it requires a heart that is dedicated to blessing the lives of others before your own. Have fun with this challenge and pass it along!

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