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YouTube is always one of the best websites for sharing interesting findings because it offers an endless supply of excellent videos from an online community where all sorts of people can show off their creative skills and talents, upload the record of great shows and events.

You may want to download the YouTube video from the internet, but get confused in a sea of YouTube downloaders. If you want to choose a good youtube downloader for saving YouTube videos, it's the right place. You can refer to this article which gives you 3 different but very easy ways to download YouTube videos.

Download YouTube Videos via Online Video Downloader

1. With "zebra flvto"

zebra flvto is one of the most popular youtube downloader websites for downloading YouTube. It converts YouTube video to the real highest resolution(1080p or 4k with audio) and subtitles easily. you just need a copy, paste, and go to convert.

Download videos and audio from YouTube, Dailymotion, and 100+ sites

Support 4K video

Fast speed

Safe and no malicious advertisement

Support all platform

Download YouTube Videos with Your Browser

2. With Chrome

A plugin from Chrome Web Store is needed. You can go to Chrome Web Store, and search for YouTube Downloader plugins. Here is the simple guide on how to download and install a Chrome extension and show how it works for downloading videos from YouTube.

Step 1: Download the YT Downloader Zip file from Addoncrop Site, then extract the Zip File.

Step 2: Open the chrome extension URL with chrome://extension and enable developer mode. Then click on "Load Unpacked" and upload the extracted file.

Step 3: After you have completed the installation, the YouTube video downloader extension will automatically add the "Download" button below the video you are playing.

Step 4: Click this "Download" button and it will display all available formats in which you can download your desired video. Select the required format and resolution and save the video directly onto your system.

Pros: With the YouTube video downloader chrome extension, the video downloading experience would be very easy. You could download YouTube and other video sites with a single click of the Download button under the video. You can even choose to output format (MP4, WebM) and video quality (720p, 480p, 360p, 240p).

Cons: Some YouTube video downloader chrome extensions are not able to download all YouTube videos. If some chrome extensions died, you need to seek a new one.

Download YouTube Videos with Desktop Software

3. With Any Video Converter Free

Any Video Converter Free is one of the best desktop video downloaders for downloading videos and music audio from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, etc.

Convert any videos to more than 200 output formats

Enjoy high-efficiency video coding/H.265 video

Burn any video to blank DVD disc to create DVDs

Edit video clips with the cut, crop, and special effects

Extract audio from CD to MP3, AAC, M4A, etc

Support NVIDIA NVENC Transcoding Acceleration

You can follow the 3 steps to free download videos from YouTube with Any Video Converter Free.

Step 1: Download and install Any Video Converter Free

Download and install Any Video Converter Free on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Add URL(s) to Any Video Converter Free

Launch Any Video Converter Free. Click on "Add URL(s)" to open the adding-window. Copy the video URL you would like to download from the address bar, then paste the URL to the adding-window.

If you are the heavy users who often download a bunch of videos, just simply click on the "Setting" icon -> "Online Videos" -> select "Automatically add URL in the clipboard". By checking this option, after you copy the URL, Any Video Converter will automatically analyze the URL and start downloading videos.

Step 3: Start Downloading

Click on the "Start Download!" button to start downloading videos from YouTube. After the downloading is complete, the program will automatically open the output folder on which you can find the well-downloaded videos.

Pros: Any Video Converter Free is one of the best YouTube video downloaders equipped with other more useful features including video conversion, video editor, and DVD burner.

Cons: The free version is unable to download videos in batch. If you want to unlock the time limitation on DVD conversion, and the video screen recording feature, you can upgrade to Any Video Converter Pro or Ultimate.

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