Classes are up and running again, and it’s time to get textbooks. That’s right, get ready to buy a handful of books that you may or may not even open all semester. New books can cost hundreds of dollars, but if you’re smart, you’ll find resources that allow you to save that money for taco night, a road trip, or something better. Here are three ways to reduce textbook costs at and around USF.

1. BookHolders

Bookholders is a retailer five minutes from campus that sells both new and used textbooks and software.When you’re finished with your textbook at the end of the semester, you can bring it to BookHolders and they will either offer you money for it or sell it on your behalf. If they sell it on your behalf, they will mail you a check when the book is purchased. This usually happens at the start of the next semester when people are purchasing books again. In addition, you can find USF merchandise, notebooks, and minor school supplies. Don’t worry, Staples is right next door for everything else.

2. USF Bulls Online Marketplace

USF Bulls Online Marketplace is an online Facebook garage sale group managed by USF Housing and Residential Education. Not only is it a great way to find furniture for your dorm or that coffee maker you’ve been dying for, but it’s a great way to buy used textbooks, iClickers, and other materials such as calculators or lab coats. Most sellers are either students or recent graduates are willing to meet on campus if you don’t have a car.

3. USF Library Textbooks On Reserve

The USF Library has almost every textbook on a 2-3 hour reserve. This means you can check out the book, read your chapters at the library, take notes, or even scan a few pages to make a study guide. Many students, especially those who want to share or have group projects assigned to them find this to be a convenient option. The library is a popular meeting spot anyway, so why not take advantage of this resource and reduce your textbook costs?

Do yourself a favor, and NEVER pay full price for your textbooks. There are always other options!