In today's society, not knowing where you're going or what you're doing can be the most stressful thing. Sometimes all you know how to do is fly by the seat of your pants and pray for a safe landing. As you go through the journey, life may continue to beat you up here and there and eventually your motivation decreases. Then you desperately search for a way to get back up and dust yourself off. You look for a way to feel awesome again. You look for motivation. It's not the answer though. It's a quick fix that won't last as long as a sense of purpose will.

Motivation disappears - Purpose exists

It's easy to allow our unfortunate circumstances or defeat to be the foundation of our actions, but it's a bad habit. We choose to blame circumstances on bad choices or unluckiness only to hastily search for the next quick fix, the stimulation to try again - the motivation. Unlike motivation, your life starts with every breath you take, every decision you yield and every dream you decide to chase. Motivation doesn't guide our existence, it only stimulates our actions, just as defeat does and neither of those occurrences stick around. What guides our existence is the answer to the question, 'why?' Why am I chasing this dream? Why am I here? There's no 'how-to' guide or 3 step process to figuring out the answer either. It's all inside. It's your purpose, what makes you value life to another. When you’re stuck in a rut, purpose exists strengthen your will to push through.

Motivation ceases - Purpose persists

It's ironic that after failing so many times, we still look for the external stimulus- that's the ambition in us. We spend lots of time wishing, dreaming and pursuing and it's all good. Chasing things is good. What's even better? Knowing WHY we're chasing the things. When we know 'why', the obstacles that cease us won't be ceased by the lack of motivation. There's a quote: "Fall 7 times, get back up 8", when you fall though, you analyze the situation and you may go back to blaming the circumstances and persevering but, the process takes time. Impulsively, we're ready to get back up, but it ceases our actions to understand why it's happened and where it puts us. Imagine facing your defeat with integrity as you decompress the situation. Motivation stimulates our actions where purpose lends perspective towards the bigger picture. In spite of your fall, knowing your purpose will always persist and get you one step closer regardless of the steps back.

Motivation's situational - Purpose's universal

"Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’"

How we respond to situations is going to vary but the big picture will always fit. When we're seeking motivation after defeat, we're often seeking for the stimulus that's going to help us succeed in the specific situation. Knowing why we're living through the situation is where our answer to purpose is revealed and, in dark times, it's something to hold on. Honestly, it's the foundation for all that we do and can do. One failure, one moment doesn't define us - it builds us and serves purpose.

I practice mindfulness and decompress when I've stumbled and it's helped me discover a purpose for my life. I have something to offer to the world because my perspective and wisdom is unique compared to the next incredible being. My belief in the capabilities of others is going to inspire. My big picture isn't specific but I'm a part of this world for a reason. I'm going to change lives and the lives I change are going to speak volumes and their actions are going to better the world. I’m here to make the world a better place.

You're the next incredible being. Your choices and experiences are the foundation to your big picture.
The world doesn't owe you anything, there's no entitlement in discovering 'why' you're here. You're here.

So don't waste it on a quick fix of motivation. Go out there and look at the big picture.