For many college students, time is taken up mostly by studies and social activities, with very little space for "me time." So when college students have a window to unwind and chill out, a quick and easy game can be the best answer.

Here are three of the most popular online games, for computer and mobile devices, which offer easy but fun and rewarding gameplay. From one of the most inventive online casino games in existence to a hockey simulation game, these will help you enjoy those brief windows of me time.

Game Dev Studio: PC Game

You start off with a computer, a game idea, and your own customizable character. Then you set off on becoming a titan of the gaming industry. You get to customize your offices, create your game, hire employees, and battle your industry rivals.

Game Dev Studio is a casual game found on Steam that enables you to dip in and out whenever you fancy. In just a few minutes of play, you can design, develop, and launch your next blockbuster game! Another perk of this game for students is its low price of $9.99.

Kaiju: Online Casino Game

In this game, you play as female cyborg superhero HA-42 to take on the gigantic crystal bearing monsters, the Kaiju. Having emerged from their slumber to wreak havoc upon your city, you must spin to battle and defeat the monsters. Use the vertical lasers to extend the Kaiju Battle and better your chances of defeating the beast.

Created by the award-winning ELK Studios, Kaiju is a smash hit with online casino players in Canada. The slot game has a free to play version at the best Canadian online casinos, as well as a real play money version which has a return to player percentage of 96.30 percent. Being a slot game, it’s quick and easy to play, doesn’t require long spells of equipment, and can be rewarding.

Franchise Hockey 2018: Mobile Game

This is your chance to assemble a team of all of the best NHL players both past and present. Create your own team, make your lines, and collect all of the latest and greatest stars of ice hockey to win and move up in the leagues. Best of all, when you start up the game, you get to pick your favorite NHL team and will get two legendary players at very high levels. For example, when you pick the Toronto Maple Leafs, you’ll get Wendel Clark and Darryl Sittler.

The free mobile game found in the Google Play store and the Apple App store is easy to play and enjoyable. As you don’t directly play against other online teams live, but do face them whenever you fancy, the game by CBS Sports is very flexible and not at all time-consuming.

There you have it; three exciting, quick, and easy online games that have become very popular and are perfect for students.