I have learned so many valuable lessons from these two lovely kids. I'm so proud of both of my kiddos and I wish I could continue to watch them grow and become greater kids. They are so smart and bright and I can't wait to hear about how far they've gone.

1. Patience

Patience is key when you start helping kids, especially kids under 10. They need lots of help and kind soft words. So, take your time and be gentle and kind. Being patient is SO important because you have to take your time when they are reading or trying to sound things out.

2. Gentleness

You can't be too harsh with small children, which most everyone knows. So library voices and not yelling when they make a mistake is key. They need to know that mistakes are normal and that they can just try again and try to make it better.

3. Humbleness

They are so young and appreciate the little things in life, it really humbles your soul, especially working at a Christian school and hearing the kids talk about God and how much they love Him. They are so in love with everything and every little thing they come across.

Even though I just recently started this new adventure, it is by far the biggest blessing I have received.