Jealousy is a state or feeling of envy that you get when you are lacking something someone else might have, feeling threatened, or feeling like what you have might be taken away from you. Honestly, the list goes on and is very long. What we sometimes ignore or do not want to admit when the feeling of jealousy arises is why we are jealous. Why we are jealous can often be great lessons for us to learn from so that when the feeling comes back up, we can settle with them instead of pushing them off or taking it out on others. Here are three things we can learn from being jealous:

1. You have insecurities

No one ever wants to admit that they have insecurities that surface more often than not and some don't want to admit they have insecurities at all. But usually, when you are feeling jealous, that is where your jealousy stems from.

With that being said, you can really learn from your insecurities and jealousy. When you feel the jealousy start to surface, you can take that time out to understand why you are feeling this way. If it is something about yourself that you think you are lacking or because you are wanting something someone else has, you can really take the time to figure it out. And remember, being jealous doesn't take away from the situation or what someone else might have and it certainly doesn't bring you anything more than negative feelings and a bad attitude.

2. You don't trust

Not having trust doesn't necessarily have to do with another individual, but you can have no trust in your future or your capabilities. The lack of trust you have in your partner complimenting someone of the opposite sex is different from the lack of trust you have in yourself when your friend gets a new job. Both are detrimental to your energy though.

Honestly, when I start to feel jealous I really think about the lack of trust I have in myself. I, too, have insecurities but I know them so well that I am aware of the problems they cause, unlike trusting. I know when I am feeling jealous and not entirely sure where it is coming from, I start to realize that I lack so much trust in myself to be a good person or to have great things. I sometimes doubt my future when I am unaware of what it looks like, so it often influences me to be jealous of those who are sure of what their future holds. Forgetting that no one has it all figured out.

3. You are afraid

You are afraid that what is yours is either not good enough or will be taken away from you. Or, you are afraid of being abandoned in general. Either way, you let your fear take over the energy that influences you to become jealous.

With this, you can start to understand the things that you are scared of. The things you are fearful of might be a little easier or harder than realizing insecurities or your lack of trust. Sometimes, we really don't know what we are afraid of or where the fear stems from originally. But over time and reoccurrences of the fear, you can start to pick up exactly why you are scared.