Best 3 Gelato Stops In Rome

Best 3 Gelato Stops In Rome

A young person's guide to best gelato in Rome


Italy is known for their history and their food. Some of the best food in the world is found in Italy. While traveling throughout the country, I found that I enjoyed myself the most in Rome. After eating my body weight in gelato, I feel that I have found the three best, quality, and authentic gelato spots in the city. Follow me on this journey as I describe the delectable delights I found in the city.

1. Giolitti

While this may be a typical tourist destination after Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck's iconic visit, Giolitti truly is some of the best gelato in the city. Around the corner from a busy alley, Giolitti sits nestled on the thin side road, Via degli Uffici del Vicario. This store holds a variety of sweet, tart and fruity flavors that are satisfying for all guests. Personally, I have a slight aversion to dairy, but at Giolitti, there is the best non-dairy chocolate gelato I have ever had. Even the non-dairy flavor is robust, thick and creamy just like the authentic other flavors. For the best variety, quality and taste, Giolitti is the significant winner. However, Giolitti gets noticeably bust and hectic which may be a turn-off to some visitors, but the taste does outweigh these slight inconveniences.

TIP: at Giolitti, you pay before ordering. Remember to stop at the register by the door, pay for your cup or cone, and take your receipt to the glass!

2. Frigidarium

Two words: chocolate shell. Frigidarium is unique in the sense that they offer a dark or white chocolate hard shell blanket over your flavor of choice. This gives the gelato an irresistible crunch and a deeper flavor. While the gelato itself may not be quite authentic and more similar to ice cream, you cannot go wrong with stopping here. Hidden on a side road adjacent to Piazza Navona, Frigidarium is a small store that gets crowded quick, but is quite worth the wait!

TIP: be careful when eating the shell, once the gelato begins melting it spills violently out the sides of the cup or cone causing a disaster.

3. Giuffrè Gelateria

Giuffre is a hidden gem. In the depths of Trastevere, Giuffre holds some of the best food I have consumed in my entire life. At Giuffre, they do something innovative, beautiful, and incredible. They have two chocolate fountains, one white and one milk. If you order a cone, the sophisticatedly dressed employee will ask if you would like chocolate INSIDE OF YOUR CONE. They fill the cone with melted, Italian chocolate. Then, you get to choose your flavors, varying from fruit flavors, non-dairy dark chocolate, or traditional flavors. While the menu may be in Italian, do not fear. This simply guarantees the fact that you are in for the best gelato experience of your life.

Next time you find yourself in Rome, use this guide to make your dessert decision easy. All of the places listed are easy to find on maps and navigable for English speakers!




Happy eating! Pictured: Olivia and Sabrina

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Top 5 Types Of Cookies

What's in a cookie? Sugar, spice, and everything wonderful.

If I were not in college, I would definitely be Cookie Monster’s protégé. Some people are beer experts and some people are cheese experts, but if there’s a place in the world of expertise for the infallible cookie, count me in. I love to eat cookies as much as I love making them. After extensive testing over a span of however many years I’ve had cognitive function, as well as conducting research on numerous brands and bakeries, here are my personal rankings for five of the most popular types of cookies.

(Honorable mention: I would have put peanut butter cookies on this list, but the last batch of peanut butter cookies I consumed had ACTUAL PEANUTS in them. I am still holding a grudge and I'm pretty sure that's not what God wants from us.)

5. White chocolate macadamia nut

To me, macadamia nut cookies are not completely unfavorable by any means, but they do land on the bottom of the list for a few reasons. First, the nut-to-chocolate ratio is almost always uneven in favor of the nuts. Second, these cookies are the hardest to make from scratch because have you seen how much macadamia nuts actually cost? Rating: 5/10 not super tasty but would still happily stuff my face with them.

4. Sugar

These are the blank canvas cookies. They can be decorated with icing, sprinkles, or left plain. I don’t have a type. But they are literally just mounds of flour and sugar and leavening agents. When I’m eating something sweet, I don’t want to be CONSTANTLY reminded of just how much closer I am to giving myself diabetes. Rating: 6.5/10 because frosting them is still fun.

3. Snickerdoodle

The snickerdoodle is the hotter and spicier younger sibling of the sugar cookie. Same genes and all, but the snickerdoodle was blessed with a lil’ something extra: cinnamon. Snickerdoodles taste like Christmas and a warm blanket in front of a fireplace. Plus, that texture though: fluffy, buttery, basically eating a cloud. Rating: 8/10 would marry.

2. Chocolate chip

The classic. Ranking them any lower would be sacrilegious. They are versatile and are acceptable chewy or crunchy (team chewy here). Words can't explain the pleasure of biting into a perfect chunk of gooey chocolate or that succulent texture that only comes after dipping the cookie in a glass of cold milk. Perfectly good - and even better - when eaten raw too. Rating: 9/10 **flame emoji three times in a row**

1. Oatmeal raisin

Yes, oatmeal cookies. The ones everyone complains about because they wanted chocolate chip and were deceived. I’ll let you try to find a cookie that is as moist (sorry I know that word is gross) and flavorful as the oatmeal raisin cookie is. These cookies are also the most breakfast-friendly and I am a firm believer in breakfast food at any time of day. Plus, oatmeal cookies are versatile too! Don’t like the raisins? Replace them with virtually anything else—like chocolate chips or the blood of those who wronged you in the past—and you would still get a deliciously spiced cookie whose texture game is A1. Rating: 1000/10 can eat as many as you’d like and still poop the next day, Thanks fiber.

Cover Image Credit: Maria Campbell

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What Your Favorite Berkey Creamery Ice Cream Flavor Says About You

The proof is in the cream.


If you're a Penn State student, you know all too well that your favorite creamery flavor is a commonly asked question from outsiders. There are so many options, and it is everyone's goal to try every flavor at least once. Everyone has a favorite flavor, and here's what your favorite flavor says about you:

1. Alumni Swirl

You have a secret wild side. Behind the vanilla ice cream hides the mocha chips and blueberry swirl that are toooo good to resist.

2. Death By Chocolate

Talk about addictive personality...when you have a new obsession, you hold on and don't let go for as long as you can.

3. Grilled Stickies

You're a true Penn Stater at your core. Even your favorite ice cream flavor can't hide that. Grilled stickies forever.

4. Monkey Business

You like to change things up and try new things. Not only is banana ice cream a walk on the other side, but the yummy peanut butter and chocolate take it to the next (delicious) level.

5. Peachy Paterno

You care about tradition. 'Nuff said.

6. Peppermint Stick

You're always stuck in holiday matter the season. You live for memories of persistent peppermint.

7. Arboretum Breeze

You're calm, cool, and collected (with a raspberry swirl).

8. Happy Happy Joy Joy 

You love and appreciate consistency. The Creamery perfectly recreates the beloved Almond Joy with this yummy flavor.

9. Teaberry

You're quite the old about a throwback.

10. Bittersweet Mint

You're all about keeping it simple. Whether it's the way you dress or your daily routine--you tend to opt out of the "frills."

11. Monster Mash

You live for adventure and branching out in life. You totally embrace your wild side.

12. Vanilla

Free-spirited and joyous, you tend to go with the flow while keeping up with your own well-being.

13. WPSU Coffee Break

You're a night owl and swear by caffeine to get through any day. In fact, you love it so much that you crave it with sweets too!

14. Birthday Bash

You're always down for the next party or event and love to be on-the-go. Your colorful personality lights up a room.

15. Coconut Chip

A lover of sippin' piña coladas and getting caught in the rain...

16. Chocolate

Very forward and easy to read, you're not afraid to speak your mind when you have an opinion on something or disagree with someone about something important to you. Not to mention, you're a true chocaholic.

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