With Thanksgiving approaching, I wanted to reflect on some things I am thankful for and just notice about Thanksgiving through one of my favorite new mediums: poetry.

beyond thankful

what I'm thankful for

surpasses categories

it makes my heart full

homework over break

there once was a tired college student,

who did all her work, trying to be prudent,

on thanksgiving day, she wanted to relax,

but, her mom needed help with the snacks,

so the girl abandoned her homework,

and just tried not to feel beserk,

that tired and prudent college student


t - turkey is the food i'm most looking forward to

h - hungry i am when see the table

a - are the relatives here yet? i want to eat

n - no? they're not? how much longer?

k - kind of want to eat dessert first

s - see the pie and the cake and the cookies?

g - goodness gracious, they look good

i - i'm going to need bigger pants

v - virtually impossible to wait another hour

i - i just want to try the mashed potatoes

n - normal people let their kids sample the food, mom!

g - good! they're finally here! let's eat!