1. Make your resolution about others.

Our New Year resolutions always tend be about how we can make ourselves better people in the upcoming year. While resolutions such as eating less food to lose weight do seem reasonable, creating those that are giving in nature would be mutually beneficial to ourselves and people around us. Instead of saying that I will eat less, you can say that I will buy a homeless person a meal at least twice a month. This way, you are helping out someone in need while also restraining yourself from eating out.

2. Commit to showing gratitude.

We often get so busy in our daily lives that we forget to tell those close to us how thankful we are for them. Whether it be friends, family, or just acquaintances, if someone has made a difference to you regardless of how big or small, let them know that you are grateful for them. Showing gratitude also reinforces us to reflect upon how lucky we are to be surrounded by those who care enough; it also lets those receiving the gratitude know that you appreciate their efforts and care in return.

3. Make effort to smile more.

Smiling is something so easy, yet something we humans don’t do enough of. In fact, forcing yourself to smile can even reduce stress. So why not do it more often? And when I say smile more, I don’t mean randomly smile at a plant or at a table, but rather on the subway when you make eye contact with someone, or a server at a restaurant. I understand that not everyone is a people person, or some suffer from the resting bitch face. Either of those are not a problem. If you can’t bring yourself to smile, then just give someone you see a small compliment. Telling someone their outfit looks nice, or they have a nice accessory can really brighten up a person’s day. It’s minor, but it really are minor things like these that make a difference.

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