The Disadvantages Of Being An Only Child

1. People think you are spoiled.

I'm often told I'm spoiled by strangers when I let them know I'm an only child. I find it offensive, because when I think of "spoiled" I think of Angela Pickles from "Rugrats": bratty, loud and just down right obnoxious. I don't see myself as that kind of person. Yes, my mother would go out of the way to do things for me, but she also taught me to appreciate and work hard for the things I want. The truth is that not all only children are spoiled!

2. All responsibility gets put on you.

Being the only child gets hard when chores come into play. You can't share any responsibility with a brother or sister—its just you. And if your parents were like mine, you got up early every Saturday and did all the housework—no Johnny washing the dishes on Monday and Susie doing laundry on Wednesday. All chores and housework fell on you! Not only housework, but when you break your mom's favorite antique vase, you can't blame your little brother. Another responsibility issue is when you get older and your parents can no longer take care of themselves, you kind of wish you had someone to share the care-taking responsibilities with. It's just going to be you.

3. Loneliness/ Depression/ Introvert

Being lonely is personally one of my biggest issues with being an only child. Growing up, I was very shy and only had one true best friend..When she wasn't around , I always had to find ways to entertain myself. I was very introverted and still am, at times. I worked better and focused well when I was alone, and as I got older, my best work happened when I was alone and by myself. Even though now I have more friends and have broken out of my shell a little, I still unconsciously force myself to be alone instead of going out with my friends. I sometimes get depressed, which you may hear a lot of people who are only children say.

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