There's one crisis that will soon be looming and looping in everyone's mind: grades. Sometimes, even the thought of multiple all-nighters throughout the week and mental comas from piling information isn't as torturous as the anxiety of getting back grades and weighing that GPA. So to save you some of the agony from the end-of-semester grind, here are three commitments you can make to ease the stress and boost that GPA before it plummets.

1. The 5 Second Rule

No, it's not about picking up the french fries you dropped and stuffing them in your mouth. The 5 second rule is a fight or flight reaction to checking off your most important responsibilities. It's when you have a task you so desperately want to procrastinate on, but instead of giving in to the voices inside your head, you count down from 5 to 1 and before hitting zero, you instantaneously jump at starting the task.

The 5 second rule is both a mental shutdown and mental restart button. You destroy the lazy tendencies taking over you, and within five seconds, restart your brain by starting the new task.

So the next time you glance at your analysis assignment and decide you can start it when your mind is fresh after watching the next episode of "How to Get Away with Murder," count down to five, close netflix, and open up a new word document. Don't think; just do it.

2. The Reward System

Convincing yourself to start working doesn't always sound as persuasive as people make it seem. You can't just voluntarily put aside your favorite pastime and dedicate your mind to the Orgo lab report due tomorrow. You need an incentive, one that keeps your brain cells active and attentive enough to finish the assignment.

The solution: reward yourself, either incrementally after a certain amount of work is done, or all at once after you place the seal of completion. And trust me, rewarding yourself with a movie, a savory meal, a trip to the spa, or even a chocolate bar feels so much more satisfying when you've taken a struggle to achieve it.

3. Make Some "You" Time

It's not just the introverts who need time alone. As someone constantly surrounded by school work, professors, classmates, deadlines, and several resume-building commitments, you need that time to yourself to spend doing what makes you, you.

Aside all that makes you an undergraduate student with any number of majors and minors and clubs and student groups, you are your own unique entity. And you need the time to appreciate that.

Sometimes, all it takes to relieves the stress build-up and anxiety pile-up is a walk in the forest, a quiet stroll along the lake, a cup of tea and a favorite book, or a time-travel to the past through the family album.

We often get lost in the world of deadlines and due dates, only to become oblivious to the small things that make us happy and remind us of the bigger goals we have set in our lives. So while the end of the semester spells out P-A-N-I-C for most, you can take a different route and spell out P-E-A-C-E.