3 Binge Worthy TV Shows

If you have time to watch TV these days, which if you do, I am SO jealous, you may be wondering, what should I watch? As an avid Netflix user in high school, I’ve watched it all. You name it, I’ve seen it. Unfortunately for me, my college schedule is a tad more demanding, and I don’t have as much time to “Netflix and chill.” But if you do have time, and are looking for some binge worthy shows, here are my some of my favorites.

1. Shameless

Shameless is my new obsession. Thanks to my Dad (thanks Dad) I decided to start watching this show in August, and literally could not stop. If you’re looking to laugh, cry, be happy and angry all in the span of 40 minutes, this is the show for you. The show is about a family living in the south side of Chicago, clearly under the poverty line. We watch how the family functions with their daily antics. With 6 seasons, there is plenty of episodes filled with entertainment, all available on Netflix! PSA: this is not a show you want to watch with your parents, or family. A lot of drug and sex use, so I recommend not watching with your Dad (sorry Dad.)

2. The Office

If you live in America you know someone who is either watching, or has watched The Office. You’ve probably heard someone quote Michael Scott and say, “that’s what she said” or make a Dwight like comment. The Office is impossible not to like. The episodes are pretty short, and very light content, so it’s a great show to watch if you are trying to unwind, relax and laugh. The show is focused around Michael Scott, the boss of a small paper company in Scranton, PA. Throughout the nine seasons you become so connected to the characters, and if you don’t cry at the last episode, you’re wrong.

3.The Night Of

The Night Of is HBO’s newest mini-series. The episodes are about an hour or so long, and there are only 8 episodes. The Night Of is not only scary, but it is thrilling and SO shocking. Every episode will leave you even more confused than the one before. I recommend watching with a friend, because watching alone will leave you shaking, and scared of your own shadow. If you’re looking for a more serious watch, but not one that will take you months to watch, this is the show for you. I won’t spoil it for you, but basically the main character is the main suspect of a murder, that no one knows, including him, if he even committed. This thriller is a must watch during the upcoming winter.

So get going; your Netflix isn't going to watch itself.

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