Are you a stressed college student? Yeah, same. Prepare yourself for a long-winded, run-on sentence: you know when you reach that point of semi-insanity, as you feel the hours til the deadline ticking away faster than you anticipated, and suddenly you're in on a Saturday night while everyone else rages? Again, same. Here are 29 thoughts that run through your head when you have 1,000,000 things to do, with so little time.

1. This is manageable.

2. ....Or maybe not.

3. This will totally pay off when I'm extremely successful one day.

4...Except I have no idea what I want to do after I graduate.

5. That's fine, I've got time....but I have like no time to finish all this work.

6. Shit, okay time to make a schedule for myself.

7. 4 hours of sleep should definitely be enough.

8. So this is why I should've done the reading for class, because no I have to go back and reread.

9. Thesis, thesis, Lord bless me with a bitchin thesis statement.

10. You know what? I'll just come back to this assignment.

11. Okay, let's see, chapters 18-27. That doesn't seem too bad.

12. It's 155 pages because of course it is.

13. Alright back to the thesis statement, here we go.

14. Time check! How has it been 25 minutes? Literally where the hell did that time march off to?

15. FOCUS! See, this is the effect of technology on today's youths. If I didn't have an iPhone then I wouldn't be tempted to check it every 2 minutes.

16. Okay, I'm going to make some tea, and take a minute to gather my thoughts.


18. I'll just go to the library, get a nice change of scenery.

19. JK it's SATURDAY NIGHT. It closes at 1130. Because it's a Saturday. Ya know, when people are supposed to be having fun.

20. I did this to myself. Damn you, Netflix.

21. Alright, my fear of failure will carry me through this.

22. *Cue Matthew Mcconaughey voice* Alright alright alright, somehow got three pages down.

23. I'm invincible!

24. Or maybe it's just the caffeine, adrenaline, and anxiety coursing through me.

25. I believe in me.

26. You know what? I got this.

27. Just picturing the light at the end of the tunnel.

28. And once this paper is done, I'll just skim the crap out of that reading.

29. It'll be okay. And if it's not...well I'll deal with that later.