28 Thoughts Students Had During Syllabus Week

28 Thoughts Students Had During Syllabus Week

"I need a vacation."

Remember syllabus week?

You probably had some of these thoughts:

1. Is this class always going to be so boring?

2. How do I already have so much work?

3. Could this week be going by any slower?

4. I could still be asleep right now.

5. Should I leave for class a couple minutes early to find the building/room?

6. Nah, I'll figure it out.

7. This professor is way too excited about an 8 A.M. lecture.

8. Is it socially acceptable to go out every night this week?

9. Of course it is.

10. I did not miss the dining hall food at all.

11. Why has this professor been talking about the syllabus for a full hour?

12. We already have homework due next week?

13. I need a vacation.

14. Oh no, it's that person I successfully avoided all of last semester.

15. Why is he/she staring at me? Can I help you?

16. I should transfer classes (or schools) to avoid this awkwardness.

17. Is it time to go to bed?

18. Do I really need this 8 A.M. lecture?

19. I miss my dog.

20. I miss my bed.

21. I miss my freedom.

22. Wow, two 'discussion' sections in one day. Fun. Can't wait to voice my opinion on 17th-century philosophers.

23. I need to go out tonight.

24. Actually, I need to get more than three hours of sleep tonight.

25. I'm ready to start learning actual course material.

26. This class isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

27. I need to go out.

28. Cheers!

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25 Things I'd Rather Do Than Work Over Spring Break

An extra week to catch up on money you've spent on half-priced apps.

Realizing you have to work during Spring Break in college is like that time you figured out recess doesn't exist past middle school.

1. Fail out of community college.
2. Watch my bf play Fortnite 12 hours straight.
3. Sit behind home plate and get hit with a foul ball.
4. Be completely clueless about Greek life and show up to a male-only rush event.
5. Give up wine for the rest of my life.
6. Listen to my Kenyan professor explain how to get to Kenya everyday for another semester.
7. Change my name to Helga.
8. Get banned from Chick-Fil-A.
9. Babysit the girl off "Rings".
10. Eat salad everyday and gain weight.
11. Show up at an American themed party in a North Korean Shirt.
12. Be in a firework stand and someone light a cigarette.
13. Have a Chaco strap bust five miles into a hike.
14. Major in political science at a liberal college.
15. Have my front teeth knocked out.
16. Cut my own bangs again.
17. Register for Farmersonly.com.
18. Change my major for the seventh time.
19. Have another parking ticket appeal denied.
20. Mistake chewing tobacco for jerky chew and one-bite the whole can.
21. Be the girl that Cardi B thinks I said I would do something to her.
22. Go swimming in the middle of winter.
23. Wear a nylon, spaghetti strap tank top past 2010.
24. Have parent-teacher conferences in college.
25. Have my professor tell my mom she's never seen me before at the conference.
Cover Image Credit: Cosmopolitan

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5 Things I Learned My Freshman Year Of College

Almost everyone’s favorite year of college.

Almost everyone’s favorite year of college. You meet tons of new people, your workload isn’t as heavy, you’re eating tons of food, and you’re happy… for now.

1. Not all the people you meet are going to be your best friend forever

Suddenly, you have a great group of friends that you study and go out with. You think these people are going to be at your wedding. But unfortunately, not all friendships last a lifetime. Like everyone says, as you get older, you realize who your true friends are.

2. School is way more important than partying

I wish I realized how important academics were my freshman year. I should have woke up for that 9 am class, instead of thinking I could catch up on my own and still get an A. I should’ve picked studying over a hang out I could attend any other day.

3. You will get that hangover

I was blessed with not waking up to a hangover every weekend. I thought I was invincible and I could drink all day/night long with no regrets. I ended up waking up to a hangover and throwing up in a bathroom at brunch.

4. Coffee is your life

Somewhere between all those late nights and early mornings, you fell in love.

5. It’s time to grow up

I realized that I was on my own in college and it was up to me to get my life together. I can't rely on my parents to do everything for me. I had to learn how to do things on my own and make good decisions.

Cover Image Credit: @brandymelvilleusa

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