Remember syllabus week?

You probably had some of these thoughts:

1. Is this class always going to be so boring?

2. How do I already have so much work?

3. Could this week be going by any slower?

4. I could still be asleep right now.

5. Should I leave for class a couple minutes early to find the building/room?

6. Nah, I'll figure it out.

7. This professor is way too excited about an 8 A.M. lecture.

8. Is it socially acceptable to go out every night this week?

9. Of course it is.

10. I did not miss the dining hall food at all.

11. Why has this professor been talking about the syllabus for a full hour?

12. We already have homework due next week?

13. I need a vacation.

14. Oh no, it's that person I successfully avoided all of last semester.

15. Why is he/she staring at me? Can I help you?

16. I should transfer classes (or schools) to avoid this awkwardness.

17. Is it time to go to bed?

18. Do I really need this 8 A.M. lecture?

19. I miss my dog.

20. I miss my bed.

21. I miss my freedom.

22. Wow, two 'discussion' sections in one day. Fun. Can't wait to voice my opinion on 17th-century philosophers.

23. I need to go out tonight.

24. Actually, I need to get more than three hours of sleep tonight.

25. I'm ready to start learning actual course material.

26. This class isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

27. I need to go out.

28. Cheers!