28 Things to do on a Rainy Day

It seems as if there has been more rainy days than sunny ones here in PA this summer, which leaves many people to feel extremely bored or unmotivated. I definitely get it, knowing you have to work all day when the sky is black isn't exactly exciting, and neither is knowing you had lots of errands to run and there are flash flood warnings going on your TV every other day. If you're finding yourself stuck on a rainy day, here's a few ways to make it a little less dreary.

1. Read a book.

2. Cook/bake something new

3. Clean

4. Do some shopping, online or in-store

5. Catch up on some beauty sleep

6. Watch movies

7. Start (and maybe finish) a new Netflix show

8. Go to work

9. Write a short story

10. Catch up on the news

11. Binge watch make up tutorials

12. Cuddle with your pets

13. Jump in puddles/play in the rain with pets or friends

14. Drink tea and watch the rain

15. Exercise

16. Redecorate

17. Reorganize

18. Call your parents

19. Call your grandparents

20. Do laundry

21. Take a super bath

22. Learn how to sew

23. Catch up on work

24. Stay in bed all day

25. Catch up on homework

26. Skype with family members

27. Clean out your closet

28. Do something new with your hair

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