17 Signs You're Just Not That Into Him

17 Signs You're Just Not That Into Him

You just know it'd never work out.

We tend to focus on what we do like in people, but there can many signs telling us that some guys do not have a place in our minds and hearts. Here they are:

1. Whenever he texts you, there isn't that one feeling of excitement that shoots through your entire body.

2. You still have a much bigger crush on a public figure than you do him (*cough cough, Tom Brady*).

3. You get easily distracted by other guys.

4. And puppies.

5. You'd much rather lay in bed and watch Friends re-runs than bother asking if he wants to hang.

6. You purposefully take forever to respond to his texts, calls, Snapchats, et cetera.

7. It doesn't bother you if you see him out with another girl.

8. When he tries explaining why he was with said other girl, you still do not care.

9. When your friends try encouraging you to make a move, you roll your eyes and tell them that it's not going to happen.

10. If he makes any sort of move on you, you don't give him the time of day.

11. You are just so indifferent toward all of this attention.

12. Your heart doesn't even come close to skipping a beat when you hear his name.

13. Instead, it makes you feel a little guilty for not reciprocating all of this attention.

14. If he asks you to hangout, you either politely decline or come up with a very poor excuse.

15. If he is in any of your classes, you do your best to avoid sitting near him.

16. If you are good friends with him, you make it pretty evident that he is in the 'friend zone'. Done nicely, of course.

17. You just don't feel a spark. Simple as that.

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20 Signs You Were A High School Cheerleader

You got really tired of hearing, "Point your toes."

Cheerleading is something you'll never forget. It takes hard work, dedication, and comes with its ups and downs. Here are some statements that every cheerleader, past and present, know to be true.

1. You always had bobby pins with you.

2. Fear shot through you if you couldn't find your spankees right away and thought you left them at home.

3. You accumulated about 90 new pairs of tennis shoes...

4. ...and about 90 new bows, bags, socks, and warm ups.

5. When you hear certain songs from old cheer dance mixes it either ruins your day or brings back happy memories.

6. And chances are, you still remember every move to those dances.

7. Sometimes you catch yourself standing with your hands on your hips.

8. You know the phrase, "One more time, ladies" all too well.

9. The hospitality rooms were always one of the biggest perks of going to tournaments (at least for me).

10. You got really tired of hearing, "Point your toes."

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11. If you left the gym at half-time to go get something, you better be back by the time the boys run back out.

12. You knew how awkward it could be on the bus rides home after the boys lost.

13. But you also knew how fun it could be if they won.

14. Figuring out line-up was extremely important – especially if one of your members was gone.

15. New uniforms were so exciting; minus the fact that they cost a fortune.

16. You know there was nothing worse than when you called out an offense cheer but halfway through, you had to switch to the defense version because someone turned over the ball.

17. You still know the school fight song by heart and every move that goes with it.

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18. UCA Cheer Camp cheers and chants still haunt you to this day.

19. You know the difference between a clasp and a clap. Yes, they're different.

20. There's always a part of you that will miss cheering and it will always have a place in your heart.

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Why ASU's Loss Last Saturday Is Actually Pretty Impressive

Statistically, it was painful to watch, but the matchup was actually amazing.


I must admit, ASU's loss against the San Diego State Aztecs did sting as the performance as a whole for the Sun Devil's was anything short of satisfactory. The defense was unable to stop any sort of run-game against SDSU and the pass coverage was virtually nonexistent. The offense encountered some great problems as well, as their rushing yards were completely obliterated in the second half and their passing yards were sub-par compared to previous games played.

I'll get you why it was impressive later, but first, we need to talk about the stats...

If we take a look at the statistics given by ESPN, we can see the differences. The main factor I'd like to point out is the discrepancy between the total rushing yards versus the total passing yards between each team. Manny Wilkins threw for 341 yards and two touchdowns that night for ASU, while Ryan Agnew threw for 129 yards and 1 touchdown for SDSU. The Sun Devils also topped SDSU in receiving yards as well, with Frank Darby receiving for 127 yards for ASU while Ethan Dedeux received for only 30 yards that night for SDSU. The only thing the Aztecs countered ASU in was in rushing yards, as Eno Benjamin carried for only 21 yards versus a whopping 138 yards and 1 touchdown for Juwan Washington for SDSU. At the end of the night, the Aztecs not only won, but lead in the most key elements of the game being 1st downs, possession, and total yards.

ASU's defense clearly needs improvement in stopping the run game, especially when taking on heavy rushing teams later in the season like Stanford, Washington, and Utah.

This game was impressive though, in my opinion, because after all the frustration and problems ASU had throughout the game, they still managed to make it a close game. I mean if you gave me those stats and didn't show me the score (or touchdowns stats of course), then I would've assumed SDSU would've won by such a greater margin. Despite playing as poorly as ASU did, it is noteworthy that they kept a game a nail-biter until the very last play. Other Pac-12 teams should definitely take notes that even if the Sun Devils look down and out they still keep playing and never give up, and I think that the hiring of Coach Herm Edwards had a lot to do with that and the culture that he and his coaching staff have implemented.

The next game the Sun Devils will take on the Washington Huskies who are currently ranked 11th in the AP Top 25. It's unsure what ASU will be able to do against Washington since they are a very heavy rushing team and can also implement a dangerous pass-game. This will be the first conference game for ASU, so from here on out the games start mattering more and all we can do as fans is offer our support strong for the team through win, loss, or draw.


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