We tend to focus on what we do like in people, but there can many signs telling us that some guys do not have a place in our minds and hearts. Here they are:

1. Whenever he texts you, there isn't that one feeling of excitement that shoots through your entire body.

2. You still have a much bigger crush on a public figure than you do him (*cough cough, Tom Brady*).

3. You get easily distracted by other guys.

4. And puppies.

5. You'd much rather lay in bed and watch Friends re-runs than bother asking if he wants to hang.

6. You purposefully take forever to respond to his texts, calls, Snapchats, et cetera.

7. It doesn't bother you if you see him out with another girl.

8. When he tries explaining why he was with said other girl, you still do not care.

9. When your friends try encouraging you to make a move, you roll your eyes and tell them that it's not going to happen.

10. If he makes any sort of move on you, you don't give him the time of day.

11. You are just so indifferent toward all of this attention.

12. Your heart doesn't even come close to skipping a beat when you hear his name.

13. Instead, it makes you feel a little guilty for not reciprocating all of this attention.

14. If he asks you to hangout, you either politely decline or come up with a very poor excuse.

15. If he is in any of your classes, you do your best to avoid sitting near him.

16. If you are good friends with him, you make it pretty evident that he is in the 'friend zone'. Done nicely, of course.

17. You just don't feel a spark. Simple as that.