My love for "Gilmore Girls" rivals that of Romeo for Juliet. Ask my roommates. After watching the "Gilmore Girls" revival (praise God from whom all blessings flow) my love has been invigorated. So, here we have it: 27 reasons to love "Gilmore Girls."

1. Chilton

Not only did this moment change Rory's like forever, but we get the classic scene where Sookie dances around the kitchen singing "Rory's going to Chilton."

2. Lorelai's dance moves

3. Kirk

4. The town traditions

24-hour dance marathons, Harvest Festival, Founders' Day punch - Stars Hollow (and Taylor Doose) takes their traditions seriously.

5. Lorelai constantly ignoring the No Cell Phone rule

6. The daily town t-shirts

7. Dean

He may have been an idiot, but he sure loved Rory the best that he could.

8. Luke's patience

He waited for Lorelai to get her crap together for years and years, and he loved her more than she ever realized.

9. Lorelai understands all of us

10. The world's best parents

11. Snow

It takes on a whole new meaning for fans. Magic. Hope. Snow is always a good sign.

12. Logan

Sure, he wasn't always the best boyfriend to Rory, but he got her out of her comfort zone. He encouraged her to take risks. And he looked mighty fine while doing it.

13. Luke & Jess

Always a source of entertainment, but more importantly, a great story of never giving up on those you love.

14. When Rory was the mom more than Lorelai

15. Emily Gilmore

16. The love for junk food

We mere mortals can only imagine eating like Rory and Lorelai and staying that thin.

17. The mother/daughter bond

18. The stubborness

Lorelai learned it from Emily, and watching the two of them together is one of the best parts of the show.

19. Hep Alien

20. Lane Kim

So very needy when she was younger, we love Lane because she wasn't afraid to be honest about her adolescent problems like touching a boy's hair without his permission.

21. Richard Gilmore

Though he may not have been the most affectionate, Richard loved his granddaughter more than life itself. He was so proud of her and all that she was, and for that, we love him.

22. Jess

Rory's first bad boy had a soft side to him. While he may not have been the perfect boyfriend, he was one of the best people Rory had.

23. Rory's love for books

24. Paris

The most evil, horrible girl from high school wormed her way into our hearts and became one of our favorite characters.

25. Coffee, coffee, coffee

26. The weird sayings

Why does no one understand me when I yell out "Oy with the poodles already!"?

27. Because we love them