The 27 Guys You Meet At EVERY Frat Party, And What Their Names Foreshadow

Natty light. Polos. New Boys. All of these add up to one sweet and sour mixture: Greek Life, more specifically, fraternities. At my college, The University of Alabama, more than 34% of the student body is in a Greek Life organization, whether that be frats or srats.

Stats aren't what you came here for, though, so let's take out all the filling and get right to it. Shall we?

1. Kyler: probably an engineering major of some sort

2. Andrew: always has a beer in hand

3. Chad: shotguns EVERYTHING

4. Jackson: definitely has the best hair around

5. Luke: flirts with everyone and everyone wants to be the one who makes him settle down

6. Hunter: always drinks too much and is annoying

7. Noah: wears his Reagan/Bush shirt too much and thinks he knows it all

8. Colin: is loaded and has no care in the world

9. Chris, Christopher: jumps from girl to girl

10. Mitchell: always trying to get with you and is borderline alcoholic

11. John: asks what the next move is before everyone leaves the first move

12. Cameron: thinks he's really hot.... but is really not

13. Connor: laughs at his own jokes and can't get a girl unless out of pity

14. Jack (not to be confused with Jackson): always blows off plans with you for his brothers

15. Austin: very good at faking kindheartedness and the facade of being a good guy in general, but sleeps with your best friend

16. Alex: the one all girls friend zone

17. Chase: tells everyone that he gets told he looks like Channing Tatum

18. Matt: still stuck in high school

19. Brad: cheats on his girlfriend, but she somehow never finds out

20. Chandler: the really skinny one

21. Patrick: is tinder addicted

22. Tanner: cares about his grades more so than usual frat dude

23. Brandon: the ab GOD

24. Nick: the true sweetheart

25. Spencer: thinks he's superior to everyone because he's a senior when everyone knows that he'll be here for another year

26. Vaughn: the 6th year senior who thinks having 3 beers is heavy drinking

27. Jake: has the best smile and warms your heart in a puppy love kind of way

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