26 Thoughts College Students Have During Syllabus Week

Welcome back to the new semester! Yes, already. I know, I thought winter break was a bit too short, too. In fact, at USC, we've already "breezed" through our first week. Here's a little peek into how most of us probably felt throughout our first week back.

The day before classes:

1. Wow, I can't wait to see my friends again!

2. Maybe I should get dinner with them. Wait, but I don't know if I can afford to spend the money.

3. My meal plan just reset! I'll use my dining dollars.

4. Wait...my New Year's resolution is to eat healthier.

5. Eh, it's okay I'll just eat super healthy tomorrow to make up for it.

6. Maybe I should go to bed early while I still can.

7. But the next episode of Black Mirror starts in 14 seconds.

8. It's okay, just one more episode.


9. I'm only running a couple of minutes late for my first class; that's better than usual.

10. Wow, this syllabus has a lot of information....and tests are 60% of the grade...yay.

11. This professor's a bit boring.

12. I might fall asleep...

13. At least it's only syllabus week, so I won't be zoning out on anything important.

14. PAUSE. Why does this slide say "Lecture 1"???

15. No!! We can't be having a lecture on the first day of class! Isn't this illegal?

16. UGgghhh.

17. At least this stuff is pretty easy, I GuEsS.

18. Is this lecture almost over?! I'm so bored.

19. I've been paying attention for 20 minutes. I deserve a phone break.

20. Yes, Professor, I'm paying attention. No, I don't really care.

21. Umm....what you do mean we have to read 75 pages before the next lecture?

22. And we have a problem set? It's the first week! Are you trying to kill me?

23. Oh my God, can it be the weekend already?


*See Monday


24: Yes! Time to sleep all day and party all night!


25. Homework? Haha, I regret my decision to go out.

26. I PROMISE that I'll get my sh*t together and do better next week!

Here's to a better next week, friends. Hopefully it'll be less painful than syllabus week was.

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