There are times in life that we all just need our moms. As we grow up and experience things that we never thought we would experience and go places we never thought we would go, we start to see the little things our mothers taught us making a difference in our lives. We start seeing just how much she taught us, and we also have a whole new respect and love for her than we did before. Sometimes, though, we find ourselves in situations that make us love her more - if that's even possible.

1. When you start your first budget.

2. When you lose someone close to you.

3. When your whole world seems to be falling apart.

4. When you go grocery shopping all alone.

5. When you fail your first college class.

6. When your heart is broken by the one you thought was yours forever.

7. When she sends those motivational morning texts.

8. When you're homesick.

9. When you catch yourself singing along to those oldies songs at the bar.

10. When she transfers you money, and you didn't even ask for it.

11. When someone you trust stabs you in the back.

12. When you're just stressed out.

13. When you're eating Ramen instead of her home-cooked meals.

14. When you're having a rough day.

15. When she texts you during the weekly premiere of the show you both love.

16. When she believes in you, no matter what.

17. When she pulls out a Bible verse to get you through the day.

18. When she breaks out those old jokes.

19. When she talks to her friends about you like you're the best thing since sliced bread.

20. When you're sick and "Dr. Mom" comes to the rescue.

21. When she has your back, even if you're in the wrong.

22. When she takes in your best friend on Christmas because she was all alone.

23. When she calls you to make sure you're up for class.

24. When she puts you before herself.

25. When she loves you, regardless of what you've done, and even though you'll never deserve it.

At the end of the day, my mom is the person who's always in my corner. She's the best friend that I was lucky enough to be stuck with for life. She's the woman I look up to in every aspect of my life. She's my hero.

Thank you, Mama, for Everything.