1. The "do I really have to go to class?" face.

Basically the face I make every morning that I wake up exhausted (refer to #22).

2. That time you forgot about an assignment.

3. Or you get to class and remember you have a test.

4. When your professor decides that they're not going to give you homework (for once).

5. Listening to the lecture and still being confused.

6. Seeing your homework load pile up.

And knowing that you can't really do anything about it. It's literally the worst because all these various classes have their own set of work and they overlap so much.

7. Checking your grades periodically.

More like every single day.

8. Getting a test back that you thought you did well on.

9. Realizing that you have to drop a class.

10. When your friend says something funny to you in the middle of class.

It's not like you can just burst out laughing in the middle of lecture ... people will look at you, you know? It's hard to stifle laughter when things like this happen.

11. Finals week.

Simply put, finals week feels like, well, someone tackling you.

12. The face you make when you realize it's Monday.

13. Looking outside at the weather.

Your face just drops when there's crappy weather outside and you know you have to go to class. Reversely, when [insert weather that's enjoyable] is outside and your face lights up.

14. When the procrastination sets in.

15. Getting assigned a project that's worth a large portion of your grade.

16. Staying up all night to binge-watch Netflix.

Sometimes this also includes getting homework done while binge-waching your favorite series. Episodes upon episodes are played while hours waste away, mostly unintentional.

17. Getting annoyed by your roommates.

18. Getting done with classes on Fridays.

19. Waiting for friends when they take forever to get ready.

*gives some sarcastic response when they finally do show up*

20. What it feels like staying in on the weekends.

Dwight represents all of the people you know who are out while you're not. It's not all that bad staying in, but it's just not always the most exciting activity. Unfortunately though, homework and projects gotta get done.

21. Having to walk across campus.

I know this doesn't apply to necessarily everyone, but let me tell you something. When you live on one end of campus and have a class on the other end, it's not a fun walk/distance to travel.

22. Existing in a constant state of exhaustion.

23. That "It's fine, everything's fine" face.

Yeah, you know the one I'm talking about. It's that face that you make pretending that everything is okay when it really isn't.

24. What it feels like leaving campus for break.

It's sad having to leave friends and campus events, but it really is nice to go home. Especially when, if you're like me, you don't get to go home much.

25. Running into someone you don't want to.

This can include, but is not limited to: that professor you gave a bad review, the person from your high school who you constantly see on campus, the guy/girl you danced with at a party, that person you really just don't like, and most of all, seeing couples all over campus.