If you are a pet parent, you have probably found yourself talking to your fur child on many occasions throughout the day. We treat them like kids and sometimes expect them to understand what we are saying as if they were actual kids. We can't help it. They're just so cute

If you have a special animal child in your life, you have definitely found yourself saying these things.

1. You are sooooo cute.

2. Do you want a treat?

3. Do you want a spanking?

4. Do you want to cuddle?

5. What's in your mouth?


7. Stop begging for my food.

8. I just love you.

9. Did you really just snatch that [insert food item] off of my plate?

10. Can you please give me some room in this bed?

11. Stop hogging my pillow.

12. Come eat this food I dropped.

13. SO CUTE.

14. You weigh 100 pounds. You are not a lap dog.

15. Actually, yes you are.

16. Stop staring at me.


18. Please love me.

19. I'm SO sorry.. I didn't mean to hurt you.

20. Just the cutest ever.

21. You're not getting my cookie. Stop staring at it.

22. You have to love me. I feed you.

23. Stop looking at me like that.

24. Lose the attitude.

25. I just love you so much.

I mean what are pets for if we can't treat them like our children? We love them unconditionally and discipline them just as much. We would be so lost without our fur babies! Make sure you love on yours a little extra today.