If you had asked me five years ago what I wanted in a romantic partner, I would have told you a list similar to this one:

  1. Blonde
  2. Blue eyes
  3. Swimmer body
  4. Gives me the red sour patch kids
  5. Tall

I was a 13-year-old with a very shallow outlook on love. After being attracted to the hot, popular boys for most of my life, I found that, while they may be hella attractive (and fuel a lot of passionate daydreams), I need someone who has substance. So, after multiple late nights of binge-watching sappy romantic comedies and my favorite tv couples (aka Jim and Pam), I have compiled a list of what I need in a future romantic partner.

  1. Someone who makes me feel safe in their arms.
  2. Someone who makes me laugh.
  3. Someone who respects me and my opinions.
  4. Someone who loves children and animals.
  5. Someone who will hold back my hair when I puke.
  6. Someone who cares enough about me to put in the effort that our relationship needs.
  7. Someone who is tender and soft.
  8. Someone who will go on spontaneous adventures with me.
  9. Someone who will stay by my side when something bad happens to us.
  10. Someone who is smart in life.
  11. Someone who can cook (or has enough money for take out)
  12. Someone who is a feminist.
  13. Someone who knows when I need to talk or when I just need to be held.
  14. Someone who knows when I need hot chocolate or a large glass of wine.
  15. Someone who will accept my love for TV shows (and watches them with me - even if he hates them)
  16. Someone who will clear the floor and ask me to dance (music is optional)
  17. Someone who will love me - even when they hate me.
  18. Someone who knows when I’m craving human touch or when I just need to be left alone.
  19. Someone who will push me up against the wall and have really hot sex with me.
  20. Someone who will have really soft, tender, and passionate sex with me.
  21. Someone who will laugh with me during sex if anything weird happens.
  22. Someone who listens to me and pays attention.
  23. Someone who is able to have intelligent conversations with me.
  24. Someone who can hold a conversation.
  25. Someone who makes me happy.