For most, if not every, college students, a Saturday during the fall semester means football games and tailgating. Some people may argue that Saturday is just too much to deal with after a long night out on Friday.

We all know there are certain things said and texted to our dearest friends in regards to the game, events happening and the memories that happened the night before. Below are text messages that we are all guilty of or can relate to on a fall Saturday gameday in the south.

1. "What happened last night?"

2. "Want to just skip the game and nap?"

3. "Where are you?"

4. "What should we eat?"

5. "I'm too hungover to do anything today."

6. "Do you have any Advil?"

7. "What are you wearing?"

8. "What're you doing tonight?"

9. "I don't remember where I put my keys at, so can you drive?"

10. "I'll Venmo you if you pay for my food and my Uber."

11. "Who do we play today?"

12. "Can we go to someone's tailgate tent? I'm starving."

13. "Where are you"

14. "Are you going to be able to go out tonight after the game, I don't think I can after last night."

15. "Should we just order food? The traffic is too much to deal with right now."

16. "Last night was so fun, but I hope tonight is better."

17. "I have no shame anymore."

18. "Do we have to wear a dress or can we wear a jersey?"

19. "Honestly, I love college."

20. "Where are you?"

21. "Should I shower before the game or no?"

22. "What time do I need to be there?"

23. "I really need to eat something before I begin this day, I need to recover. "

24. "That's it, I am wearing a jersey and no one can say anything about it. #noregrets."

25. "Where are you?"