Gotta love retail. At times it has its good days and others you just want to throw everything to the ground and run for the nearest exit. When working in retail, there are plenty of things that never seem to change. Here is a list of things that only you know when you work retail.

1) When you try on clothes with friends/family, you make them put *everything* back where they got it.

2) It becomes hard to interact with people, and you slowly start to hate everyone.

3) You will hear over a thousand times "Do you work here?" (Looks at name badge) "Yes."

4) You prolong your breaks till the last possible second.

5) You've heard the same songs on loop for so long, outside of work you have to change the channel if you hear a song.

6) The technology breaks so often that you know exactly how to handle it because you are basically a repairman.

7) You have mastered not letting the costumers know you are faking a smile.

8) You give yourself mini pep talks from the parking lot.

9) Kids can either make or break a situation.

10) The count down to "Black Friday" starts in the summer.

11) The real motto is "The customer is always wrong" until proving to be correct.

12) When you have to tell a customer their card is declined. "Awkward."

13) When a customer lets their spawn roam wild and free. You want to hurt someone at this point.

14) Your customer blames you for something out of your control.

15) Hearing "Can I pay part card/part cash?"

16) When the customer has mistaken you for a qualified therapist.

17) When someone asks "Do you have any in the back?" you go to the back stare at your phone for a few minutes, come back out, "Sorry we seem to not have any at the moment."

18) When an item doesn't scan and the customer says "So it must be free then!" (Enter fake laugh here)

19) We don't need to hear the story about how you left your coupon at home.

20) You try to hide when the manager calls asking if anyone can do over time.

21) When you clock out, you don't walk to the exit, you high-speed run.

22) You learn to memorize the price of every item in the store.

23) When people request to speak to a manager just to hear the same thing you just said.

24) When you call in sick and you can feel your boss's hateful glare burning through the phone with the power of a thousand suns.

25) When you've put the receipt in the customer's bag and they THEN ask for it in their purse instead of just taking it out if the bag themselves.