25 Signs You Are From The South

Some people mock the south, but they just don't understand that being a southerner is a frame of mine. You don't have to live on a farm to be a southerner, but it certainly doesn't hurt!

1. College football is a way of life.

2.And the college football rivalries are no joke.

3. Fried chicken, fried chicken and more fried chicken.

4.“Y'all” is always used to refer to 2 or more people.

5. 20 minutes outside during the summer and you’re swimming in your own sweat.

6.As soon as there was a mention of sleet, snow or ice, everyone rushed to the grocery store to get milk and bread.

7. It’s a “buggy,” not a “shopping cart.”

8. Camo isn’t only worn for hunting.

9. You’ve been driving since your feet could reach the pedals.

10. Getting stuck behind a tractor on the highway was normal, but really annoying.

11. When you ask for sweet tea you get something close to syrup, but it’s delicious.

12. Dirt road riding is the best night time activity.

13. They’re called “lightning bugs.”

14. You know about the gnat line... I swear it's real!

15. Dryer sheets aren’t only used in the dryer...They keep the gnats away, too!

16.Bonfires are an every weekend thing.

17. Girls have everything monogrammed.

18. Saying “bless your heart” is the nicest way to insult someone.

19. “Yes ma’am” and “yes sir” are a must when talking to someone older than you.

20. “Probably just John burning some land again.”

21. You know what “mud bogging” is and you've even participated in it.

22.You can tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys.

23. You wave at everyone going down the road even when you don’t know who it is.

24. You find Spanish Moss beautiful.

25. You’ll always be in love with the south.

There's no place like the south.

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