1. You do a double take every time you see the words, “Parks and Recreation” in the real world

      2. You’re definitely a Perdvert, and thoroughly enjoyed Perd’s extremely literal news reporting

      3. You think of these different moods when you're at a party (courtesy of Snake Juice)

      4. You know that Mouse Rat is the best band to ever exist

      Aka. Scarecrow Boat, Flames for Flames, Puppy Pendulum, Fiveskin, Foreskin, Threeskin, Rat Mouse, Scrotation Marks, and the Andy Dwyer Experience

      5. “Thoughts for your thoughts” -- you probably read this in his voice

      Truly the most boring radio station ever

      6. “The Douche” -- you probably read this in Crazy Ira’s voice

      Truly the most obnoxious radio show ever

      7. Jean-Ralphio and Mona Lisa are the worrrrsttt (you probably read this in their singing voices)

      Truly the worst.

      8. Treat. Yo. Self. is your lifestyle

      The best day of the year!

      9. You live for Chris Traeger's compliments

      10. And also Leslie’s compliments

      Ann, you vivacious fluffy flamingo

      11. You try to steer clear of ‘Tammy’s’

      And libraries.

      12. You feel spiritually connected to Orin

      Such a dynamic character.

      13. You base your relationship goals off of this show's relationships

      14. Pits are more than JUST pits to you!

      THE Pit is what started it all!

      15. Pawnee > Eagleton

      Is this even a question?

      16. Every time you see FBI, you think of THE Burt Macklin, FBI

      17. You absolutely hate this couple

      But every time someone complains about something regarding politics, you think of them

      18. You celebrate Galentine’s Day

      It's slightly more important than Valentine’s Day

      19. You wish you were a Pawnee Goddess

      "I am a goddess. A glorious female warrior. Queen of all that I survey. Enemies of Equality and Fairness, hear my womanly roar"

      20. Jerry will forever be in your heart

      Even though everyone calls him by the wrong name, he’s the happiest man ever

      21. You want to try JJ’s Diner's waffles SO badly

      Whipped cream with a side of waffles, please!

      22. You LIVE for the hilarious town hall quotes

      23. Every time you see Calzones, you think of Ben Wyatt’s love for them

      24. You get sad (and then laugh) every time you watch 'Requiem for a Tuesday'

      Honestly the saddest (and most relatable) moment in this show.

      25. Lastly, you LOVE Lil Sebastian (gone too soon)

      You’re 5000 candles in the wind

      This show will forever be in our hearts!