College is rough sometimes. And slogging through prereqs and gen-eds can be a real drag. You know what we need? Some interesting, useful classes that prepare us for the here and now (and some stupid classes that don't prepare us for anything) to brighten up our class schedule and give us a reason to survive the semester. So here it goes -- my suggestions for some new classes that I hope to add to my schedule come fall.

1. The Rise of Beyoncé

2. The Culture of the Early 2000s

3. Avoiding Spoilers 101

4. Pros and Cons of Screaming into the Void

5. Ghost-Busting

6. The Complete History of Westeros

7. World Domination and Minion Recruitment

8. Defense Against the Dark Arts

9. The Art of Passive Aggressivity

10. Medical Etymology: Understanding What The Hell They're Talking About On Grey's Anatomy

11. Creative Insults

12. Preventing the Apocalypse

13. Proper Hair-Drying Technique

14. Making People Believe You're Royalty: An Analysis of Manipulation Throughout History

15. Web MD and Hypochondria: The Best Diseases and Disorders To Diagnose Yourself With

16. An Analysis of the Titanic Soundtrack

17. The Art of Crafting the Perfect Burger

18. The Greatest Pirates of History

19. Various Proofs that Black is The Most Colorful Color

20. The Fine Line Between Self-Deprecating and Self-Congratulating Humor

21. Notorious Female Badasses Of History

22. The Art of Persuading Your Professors To Raise Your Grade

23. A Literary Analysis of DJ Khaled's Snapchat Story

24. A Freudian Analysis of Harry Potter

25. The Practical Application of Voodoo As It Applies to Your Exes