25 Amazing Female Covers of Popular Songs

25 Amazing Female Covers of Popular Songs

From Ed Sheeran to The Beatles, all your faves are here.

These are in no particular order, but I really enjoy all of them. Most are acoustic renditions. Both “female” and “popular” deserve asterixes, because I interpreted the latter very loosely - it's defintiely not jutst pop songs (this list include covers of, to name a few, Ed Sheeran, The Beatles, One Direction, and The Killers) and as for the fomer, Angel Haze, #5 on this list, uses neutral pronouns. But anyways, sit back, have a listen to a few of these, and enjoy!

1. Olivia Penalva - Shut Up And Dance (Walk the Moon cover)

2. Jasmine Thompson - Cherry Wine (Hozier cover)

3. Ciara Catalla - Stubborn Love (The Lumineers cover)

4. Lindsey Saunders - Something (The Beatles cover)

5. Angel Haze - Counting Stars (One Republic cover)

6. Samantha Potter - Youth (Troye Sivan cover)

7. Luciana Zogbi - All of Me (John Legend cover)

8. Abdie - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (The Police cover)

9. Neon Jungle - Take Me To Church (Hozier cover)

10. Arden Cho - Let Her Go (Passenger cover)

11. Morgan Wheeler - One Thing (One Direction cover)

12. Taylor Swift - Riptide (Vance Joy cover)

13. Mackenzie Johnson - Tenerife Sea (Ed Sheeran cover)

14. Mia Wray - My Girl (The Temptations cover)

15.Lauren Aquilina - Sex (The 1975 cover)

16. Jasmine Thompson - Sweet Child ‘O Mine (Guns N’ Roses cover)

17. Arden Cho - Thinking Out Loud (Ed Sheeran cover)

18. CHVRCHES - Do I Wanna Know (Arctic Monkeys cover)

19. Kina Grannis - Sweater Weather (The Neighborhood cover)

20. Mia Wray - Accidentally In Love (Counting Crows cover)

21. Huxlee - Mr. Brightside (The Killers cover)

22. Lily Allen - Somewhere Only We Know (Keane cover)

23. Nina Nesbitt - Chocolate (The 1975 cover)

24. Gabrielle Aplin - Best Song Ever (One Direction cover)

25. Mary Lambert - Jessie’s Girl (Rick Springfield cover)

If you’ve got any lady covers to recommend, drop a link in the comments! I’d love to check them out.

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37 Drake Lyrics From 'Scorpion' That Will Make Your Next Instagram Caption Go Double Platinum

Side A makes you want to be single, Side B make you want to be boo'd up.


We all knew Scorpion was going to be the summer banger we wanted. However, Drake surprised us with two sides of an album and two sides of himself. Mixing rap and R&B; was genius on his part, so why not dedicate 37 of his lyrics to our Instagram captions?

1. "Don't tell me how knew it would be like this all along" — Emotionless

Definitely a "I'm too good" for you vibe.

2. "My mentions are jokes, but they never give me the facts" — Talk Up

This one's for my haters.

3. "I wanna thank God for workin' way harder than Satan" — Elevate

For when you're feeling blessed.

4. "I promise if I'm not dead then I'm dedicated" — March 14

In Drake's story about his son the world knows about now, we get a lyric of true love and dedication

5. "My Mount Rushmore is me with four different expressions" — Survival

6. "Pinky ring 'til I get a wedding ring" — Nonstop

7. "I gotta breathe in real deep when I catch an attitude" — 8 Out of 10

This first line of the song is about to be spread on the gram like a wildfire

8. "Heard all of the talkin', now it's quiet, now it's shush" — Mob Ties

9. "California girls sweeter than pieces of candy" — Sandra's Rose

This is gonna have every girl who has ever stayed in Cali all hot and heavy, watch it.

10. "I think you're changing your mind, starting to see it in your eyes" — Summer Games

Y'all know how these summer games go

11. "Look the new me is really still the real me" — In My Feelings

When you've got to profess that you've changed 200%

12. "Only beggin' that I do is me beggin' your pardon" — Is There More

13. "Shifted your focus, lens lookin' jaded" — Jaded

14. "Back and forth to Italy, my comment section killin' me" — Can't Take a Joke

Necessary for when you've got people hyping you up already

15. "People are only as tough as they phone allows them to be" — Peak

Y'all can't have this one, I'm stealing it

16. "Work all winter, shine all summer" — That's How You Feel

Put in the work so you can flex on 'em, summer 18

17. "Blue faces, I got blue diamonds, blue tint, yeah" — Blue Tint

18. "I stay busy workin' on me" — Elevate

19. "Ten of us, we movin' as one" — Talk Up

The perfect reason to get the largest group picture you've had on your gram

20. "October baby for irony sake, of course" — March 14

This statistically applies to 1/12 of y'all reading this, so take that as you will (we October babies are the best)

21. "She had an attitude in the summer but now she nice again" — Blue Tint

22. "I know you special girl 'cause I know too many" — In My Feelings

23. "Gotta hit the club like you hit them, hit them, hit them angles" — Nice for What

24. "She said 'Do you love me?' I tell her, 'Only partly,' I only love my ____ and my ____ I'm sorry" — God's Plan

If you haven't used this one yet, get to it

25. "But I'm blessed I just checked, hate me never met me in the flesh" — I'm Upset

26. "It's only good in my city because I said so" — 8 Out of 10

Follow this up with a location and shoutout your hometown

27. "My haters either on they way to work or they arrived" — Can't Take a Joke

28. "I always need a glass of wine by sundown" — Final Fantasy

Has Drake ever been more relatable?

29. "It's your f***in' birthday. Happy birthday" — Ratchet Happy Birthday

Let's go get kicked out of an Applebee's

30. "I move through London with the Eurostep" — Nonstop

31. "I stopped askin' myself and I started feelin' myself" — Survival

Mood all summer 18

32. "They keep tryna' get me for my soul" — I'm Upset

33. "I'm tryna see who's there on the other end of the shade" — Emotionless

34. "Only obligation is to tell it straight" — Elevate

35. "It don't matter to me what you say" — Don't Matter to Me

This line from the King of Pop (MJ) will give you chills. R.I.P.

36. "I'm the chosen one, flowers never pick themselves" — Sandra's Rose

37. "Say you'll never ever leave from beside me" — In My Feelings

Couple goals, amirite?

Cover Image Credit:

@champagnepapi / Instagram

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6 Words That Help Make The Dream Work But Are A Nightmare To Spell

If I had to spell these words or die, I would probably die.


As a writer and editor, I like to pride myself on being able to have good spelling and grammar. However, there are some words out there that really get to me. Autocorrect is supposed to be every writer's best friend when it comes to words like these ones but that's not always the case.

1. February


I thank god every day during this month that I have spell check. I can never ever get it right on the first, second, third… let's be real. I just can't get it right. Period. You can forget about January too. As far as I'm concerned, these are the worst months out of the whole year.

2. Definitely


This is a classic word that I'm pretty sure no one spells right. Then autocorrect jumps in and makes use all look stupid by changing it to defiantly. Thanks autocorrect, guess we're not friends after all.

3. Necessary


Two Cs? One S? I never know and have to rely mostly on trial and error because autocorrect has no clue either. This involves lots of attempts and lots of frustration.

4. Convenience


This one must be one of the hardest just because yet again, autocorrect has no idea what I'm saying. Google is useless as well. How do you look up how to spell a word that you can't even spell? It takes a while and most of the time I give up and just use a different word.

5. Guarantee


So many vowels, I'm not sure where any of them go. Garentee? Gaurantee? Garantee? Yet another word I butcher so bad that nothing can help me. It's a lost cause.

6. Frustration


As I was writing this article I realized I didn't know how to properly spell this word either which made me think. Is autocorrect basically a pacifier?? Does anyone know how to spell anything anymore???

I love writing and I love editing but no matter what I do, these words will always be my kryptonite. No, the world isn't ending but can you imagine what I went through just to write this? Trial and error and lots of annoyance. Okay, maybe just a minor inconvenience. Oh, look. There's one of those words again. *rolls eyes*

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