1. How many credits should I take next semester?

2. Is that gen ed going to be an easy 'A'?

3. 8 A.M. lab on Mondays? Thanks, but...

4. *asks friend if s/he will take a class with you*

5. Why are there so many sections of a class, yet none of them fit my schedule?

6. Do I really need to learn about British literature prior to 1600 in order to become more knowledgeable?

7. Should I change my major?

8. Should I minor in something along with my already very demanding major?

9. I need to stop overdoing it. *adds an additional 3 credits to my shopping cart*

10. *looks up instructor on Rate My Professor to get an idea of whether or not the class will be hell*

11. How awesome would it be to not have class on Fridays?

12. I hope to God that professor allows laptops in such a boring lecture.

13. I wonder if all the same people from the classes within my major are taking this, too.

14. Should I take all of my hard classes in one day to get them over with?

15. Probably not... I did that last semester and it did not go over well for me.

16. I need 120 credits to graduate, so that means I need how many per semester to graduate on time?

17. I can already feel the sleep deprivation that's going to come with this semester.

18. Will I even have time to eat, sleep, breathe with this schedule?

19. What about extracurricular things like working out, naps, and partying?

20. I am going to need a lot of coffee to power through.

21. Wow, I actually can't wait to take all these classes for my major.

22. *clicks enroll button*

23. How many credits 'til graduation?