23 Thoughts You Will Have Stuck In Traffic On Your Way To Class

23 Thoughts You Will Have Stuck In Traffic On Your Way To Class

Suddenly living on campus doesn't sound like such a bad idea...


Everyone in college anywhere can attest to facing some rough challenges driving to their first week of class, from underestimating how much time it'll take to get there to sprinting home run to class. For most, that first week just ended (thankfully), while for some others, it's just beginning. Which of these struggles can you relate with?

1. Setting your alarm at 5-minute intervals, just to be safe.

2. Still, sleeps through them all and wakes up with only seven minutes to get ready

3. Shout out to the people who leave 15 minutes earlier than they need to

4. ...but are somehow still stuck in traffic an hour later

5. When your traffic control police is a cool a guy

6. And sometimes, cool guys try too hard.

7. Trying to low key merge in orderly, efficient fashion

8. Feeling like you're part of a pack

9. Or better yet, you're leading the pack like a boss.

10. Until the lanes merge into one, and your pack betrays you.

11. Then someone cuts you off...

12. And you encounter a fatal disaster on the way.

13. Which means ambulance on its way

You can already hear the sirens.

14. Firefighters coming through.

15. And someone decided to test the cops, too, I guess.

Should I just turn around, and go home at this point?

16. Feeling like you're not ready to ride the streets once traffic picks up

17. Nearing campus — so close yet so far.

Should I just ditch my car and run to class? The building is right there! I could make it in five minutes. Ugh.

18. Seriously considering ditching your car and just hitchhiking

The temptation will always be there. Don't do it, fam.

19. There has to be another way.

20. But wait! You've finally reached campus!

21. Now, try to find parking.

22. And sprint to class.

23. At the end of the day, gotta do it all again...

But hey, the ride home is much easier.

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