As much as we all love it here, the parking at Merrimack (and most other schools) really sucks. Sometimes you just need to grab something at CVS or pick up your Chipotle, but the 10 minute walk to your car at night or in the cold just isn't worth it. For the amount of money we pay to park here for the year, we should seriously have more parking options. Here are thoughts that run through all of our heads while trying to park at Merrimack:

1. Okay guys, let's hope we get a good spot.

2. Ugh, it looks packed.

3. Are you even looking for spots?! Like seriously, help me.

4. Wait, is that one?

5. Oh, no. Just a little car.

6. OMG, they're leaving over there! Go, go, go!!

7. ... and someone beat us to it.

8. Are you kidding me? That truck takes up three spots.

9. Should I just park by the apartments?

10. Or the Sak lot?! Ugh, it's just so much easier.

11. Does anyone ever use their cars?? How are there no spots?

12. There needs to be a separate lot for people who use their cars all the time.

13. How can they park there?! That's not even a spot!

14. Wait, those are 15 minute spots but that car has been there for three days.

15. Should I just park there too? With my luck, I'll get a ticket.

16. How do people get away with that??

17. Well, it looks like we're parking in the end of the lot.

18. Literally the end ... like the very last spot. Great.

19. It's going to take us forever to walk back to our room.

20. There's my cardio for the day.

21. Wait, they're leaving in the front. Let's go back and move your car!

22. Never mind, someone else got it.

23. There's no way I'm walking to my car again tomorrow.