Being late isn’t an issue, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a very important task to be the friend that is constantly making everyone late. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. You know you’re the friend who is always late when you take pride in your impending lateness to all events. They have tried everything and yet, you still can’t make it on time. I mean what’s the point of being on time anyways. Time is just a concept why waste so much time on it, right?

  1. Your friends always tell you to be somewhere a half hour earlier than you need to be, and you’re still late.
  2. That once every three years you are actually on time for something it’s a miracle.
  3. You could get ready three hours in advance and still be late.
  4. You don’t understand why people get nervous being the first ones at a party, because you’ve never had that problem.
  5. Telling yourself you’re not gonna change your outfit again.. and you do.
  6. You’re already late.. You might as well stop and get a coffee while you’re at it.
  7. Waking up late and telling yourself you don’t have time to do your makeup… but then you contour anyways.
  8. “I don’t have time to do my hair.. Okay I’m going to do my hair.”
  9. You’re basically a NASCAR driver trying to get to work on time.
  10. The only way people know you're not coming to class is after the first ten minutes, because you’re never on time anyways.
  11. The only way for you to be on time for anything is to show up an hour early.
  12. You’re not even offended when people tell you that you’re always late, you take it in stride.
  13. You’ve tried to defeat this bad habit and you swear that made it worse.
  14. Alarm clocks can’t save you. They wouldn’t have invented the snooze button if they didn’t want you to use it right?
  15. Doctor’s appointments are your own personal hell. You’ve debated on asking if you can just make an appointment within an hour, cause who knows what time you’ll get there.
  16. Doing your makeup in public isn’t embarrassing to you, because sometimes it’s the only way you can get it done.
  17. Showing up anywhere 15 minutes late, holding your coffee, your phone, dropping your car keys, carrying your coat, and your purse falling off your shoulder.
  18. Parking is your worst enemy, because now you aren’t just ten minutes late, you know have to drive around another ten minutes in an attempt to find a parking spot.
  19. Making your New Year's Resolution that you’re going to try and be on time this year, and that fails when you’re late to work the next day.
  20. You’ve already accepted you’re going to be late to your own funeral.
  21. On your wedding day people are going to think you’re a runaway bride, when really you just slept through your alarm again.
  22. You probably won “most likely to be late to graduation” in high school.
  23. You take it in stride, cause hey, you could have worse habits.