22 Feelings Introverts Know Too Well
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22 Feelings Introverts Know Too Well

[in·tro·vert] NOUN: a shy, reticent person; enjoys reading, avoiding eye contact, and not speaking to you.

22 Feelings Introverts Know Too Well

1. Locking your bedroom door after your visitors leave

2. Putting in headphones while in a crowded room

3. The silence of morning time before everyone else wakes up

4. Reading a book and relating more to the fictional characters than your own friends

5. Running into things while walking because you have been looking down to avoid eye contact

6. When your brain nearly explodes because you try to hold in a sneeze

7. Hiding in the library because it is isolated

8. You only do things that you know you do well

9. Avoiding elevators because it is just too awkward

10. Seeing a familiar face in a room of unfamiliar people

11. Being uncomfortable in group hugs

12. Zoning out when people talk to you about things you do not care about

13. Going to a party alone and leaving early after

14. When given the chance to present a project or write a paper, you write the paper

15. Being called depressed by people who do not know you well

16. Only looking forward when driving so that you do not make eye contact with the car next to you

17. Talking to yourself is more enjoyable than talking to peers

18. You do not get offended when animals and small children will not talk to/ walk-up to you

19. When you have more books than Facebook friends

20. You are always the one behind the camera, not in the picture

21. Agreeing with opinions you actually disagree with to avoid confrontation or conversation

22. Ditching friends to stay home with a book and a glass of wine

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