Dogs (aka man's best friend) have a knack of being simultaneously unbearably cute and incredibly goofy. Our four-legged furry friends have just as much personality as any human. Their happy-go-lucky outlook on life make them wonderful companions and encouragers. Really, they go through everything humans go through. Here are some cute gifs to prove it (and to make you laugh):

When you keep hitting the refresh button because Wifi won't connect

Because everyone knows if you hit it 100 times in eight seconds, it automatically connects. Works every time.

When all you want to do is jam with your buds

Ah, the sweet music of friendship.

Rediscovering a childhood toy and realizing it's way more fun now that you're way too big to use it

You only played with it for five minutes when you were six, but now it's entertaining for like, ten hours.

When life gets too crazy and you try to sail away from your problems

Was that a shark? That was totally a shark. Sail faster.

When your friends are fighting and you just want to stay out of it

I'll just wait over here. Behind the couch. Where it's safe. Does anyone have earplugs?

Morning workouts before eating 15 doughnuts

Those 10 minutes of yoga totally nullify all the calories and fat, don't worry.

Seriously, though, where did all those snacks come from anyway?

I didn't buy all this junk. I mean, just look at those cookies. They're basically made of sugar and calories and sweet, pure joy. Give me.

When you literally have no idea what's going on

Just keep floating, just keep floating...wait, why am I floating?

No, but for real, why does everyone else seem to know what is going on?

That's cool, I'll just awkwardly chill here and pretend like I know how I got here.

When the world whacks you over the head with craziness

Excuse me while I go cry in a corner because I have to write a 10 page paper, read 80 pages, give a two hour presentation, plan world domination and find the cure to cancer. Oh, and fix dinner.

When that annoying person in the front row won't stop clicking their pen

Throw a textbook at them. Or maybe your desk. That'll show 'em.

When you're too tired (or drunk) to do life anymore

That floor was totally two feet higher like, three seconds ago.

When you're so close to someone you're basically the same person

Jinks. Double jinks. Triple jinks...wait, is that even a thing?

Trying to get out a door but people just keep coming in

Excuse me. Oh, excuse me. Excuse me again. Ugh, all I want is to be free!

When someone wants to take a picture but the sun is in your eyes

Oh gosh, oh gosh, I'm going to sneeze.

Netflix and chill

Uh...enough said.

Discovering your secret calling as superhero

Or masked serial killer. It depends on the day. And how much food you've eaten.

When someone compliments you and you act humble but you really know you're fabulous

Ah, yes, bask in the glow of my glorious fashion choices.

When someone makes fun of you for the last time

How fun is laughing with your face ripped off? Not too great, huh?

Waiting in line for the bathroom when you really got to pee

Pee faster folks. For your own sakes, you better pee faster.

When you've got the munchies

Oh, did you want some? Sorry, I wanted it more.

And lastly, when you've fallen down and can't get up

Hello, floor. You're a nice floor. I shall just stay here awhile.