22 Dogs That Capture Humanity

22 Dogs That Capture Humanity

And your hearts. Mostly your hearts.

Dogs (aka man's best friend) have a knack of being simultaneously unbearably cute and incredibly goofy. Our four-legged furry friends have just as much personality as any human. Their happy-go-lucky outlook on life make them wonderful companions and encouragers. Really, they go through everything humans go through. Here are some cute gifs to prove it (and to make you laugh):

When you keep hitting the refresh button because Wifi won't connect

Because everyone knows if you hit it 100 times in eight seconds, it automatically connects. Works every time.

When all you want to do is jam with your buds

Ah, the sweet music of friendship.

Rediscovering a childhood toy and realizing it's way more fun now that you're way too big to use it

You only played with it for five minutes when you were six, but now it's entertaining for like, ten hours.

When life gets too crazy and you try to sail away from your problems

Was that a shark? That was totally a shark. Sail faster.

When your friends are fighting and you just want to stay out of it

I'll just wait over here. Behind the couch. Where it's safe. Does anyone have earplugs?

Morning workouts before eating 15 doughnuts

Those 10 minutes of yoga totally nullify all the calories and fat, don't worry.

Seriously, though, where did all those snacks come from anyway?

I didn't buy all this junk. I mean, just look at those cookies. They're basically made of sugar and calories and sweet, pure joy. Give me.

When you literally have no idea what's going on

Just keep floating, just keep floating...wait, why am I floating?

No, but for real, why does everyone else seem to know what is going on?

That's cool, I'll just awkwardly chill here and pretend like I know how I got here.

When the world whacks you over the head with craziness

Excuse me while I go cry in a corner because I have to write a 10 page paper, read 80 pages, give a two hour presentation, plan world domination and find the cure to cancer. Oh, and fix dinner.

When that annoying person in the front row won't stop clicking their pen

Throw a textbook at them. Or maybe your desk. That'll show 'em.

When you're too tired (or drunk) to do life anymore

That floor was totally two feet higher like, three seconds ago.

When you're so close to someone you're basically the same person

Jinks. Double jinks. Triple jinks...wait, is that even a thing?

Trying to get out a door but people just keep coming in

Excuse me. Oh, excuse me. Excuse me again. Ugh, all I want is to be free!

When someone wants to take a picture but the sun is in your eyes

Oh gosh, oh gosh, I'm going to sneeze.

Netflix and chill

Uh...enough said.

Discovering your secret calling as superhero

Or masked serial killer. It depends on the day. And how much food you've eaten.

When someone compliments you and you act humble but you really know you're fabulous

Ah, yes, bask in the glow of my glorious fashion choices.

When someone makes fun of you for the last time

How fun is laughing with your face ripped off? Not too great, huh?

Waiting in line for the bathroom when you really got to pee

Pee faster folks. For your own sakes, you better pee faster.

When you've got the munchies

Oh, did you want some? Sorry, I wanted it more.

And lastly, when you've fallen down and can't get up

Hello, floor. You're a nice floor. I shall just stay here awhile.

Cover Image Credit: Viral Nova

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A Letter To My Humans On Our Last Day Together

We never thought this day would come.

I didn't sleep much last night after I saw your tears. I would have gotten up to snuggle you, but I am just too weak. We both know my time with you is coming close to its end, and I just can't believe it how fast it has happened.

I remember the first time I saw you like it was yesterday.

You guys were squealing and jumping all around, because you were going home with a new dog. Dad, I can still feel your strong hands lifting me from the crate where the rest of my puppy brothers and sisters were snuggled around my warm, comforting puppy Momma. You held me up so that my chunky belly and floppy wrinkles squished my face together, and looked me right in the eyes, grinning, “She's the one."

I was so nervous on the way to my new home, I really didn't know what to expect.

But now, 12 years later as I sit in the sun on the front porch, trying to keep my wise, old eyes open, I am so grateful for you. We have been through it all together.

Twelve “First Days of School." Losing your first teeth. Watching Mom hang great tests on the refrigerator. Letting you guys use my fur as a tissue for your tears. Sneaking Halloween candy from your pillowcases.

Keeping quiet while Santa put your gifts under the tree each year. Never telling Mom and Dad when everyone started sneaking around. Being at the door to greet you no matter how long you were gone. Getting to be in senior pictures. Waking you up with big, sloppy kisses despite the sun not even being up.

Always going to the basement first, to make sure there wasn't anything scary. Catching your first fish. First dates. Every birthday. Prom pictures. Happily watching dad as he taught the boys how to throw every kind of ball. Chasing the sticks you threw, even though it got harder over the years.

Cuddling every time any of you weren't feeling well. Running in the sprinkler all summer long. Claiming the title “Shotgun Rider" when you guys finally learned how to drive. Watching you cry in mom and dads arms before your graduation. Feeling lost every time you went on vacation without me.

Witnessing the awkward years that you magically all overcame. Hearing my siblings learn to read. Comforting you when you lost grandma and grandpa. Listening to your phone conversations. Celebrating new jobs. Licking your scraped knees when you would fall.

Hearing your shower singing. Sidewalk chalk and bubbles in the sun. New pets. Family reunions. Sleepovers. Watching you wave goodbye to me as the jam-packed car sped up the driveway to drop you off at college. So many memories in what feels like so little time.

When the time comes today, we will all be crying. We won't want to say goodbye. My eyes might look glossy, but just know that I feel your love and I see you hugging each other. I love that, I love when we are all together.

I want you to remember the times we shared, every milestone that I got to be a part of.

I won't be waiting for you at the door anymore and my fur will slowly stop covering your clothes. It will be different, and the house will feel empty. But I will be there in spirit.

No matter how bad of a game you played, how terrible your work day was, how ugly your outfit is, how bad you smell, how much money you have, I could go on; I will always love you just the way you are. You cared for me and I cared for you. We are companions, partners in crime.

To you, I was simply a part of your life, but to me, you were my entire life.

Thank you for letting me grow up with you.

Love always,

Your family dog

Cover Image Credit: Kaitlin Murray

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Animal Rights In The United States Is Still An Important Issue

Elle Woods and her fictional journey to ending animal testing with the help of her dog Bruiser might have made viewers think animal testing could be easily defeated, but it sadly isn't anywhere near our current reality


As a spokesperson for animal rights since I was 12, I've watched the United States with hope for the state of animal rights to improve and flourish. The United States certainly has many basics covered for animal rights, and nearly every state and territory treat animal abuse as a felony (with the exception of South Dakota and Guam). But this isn't enough to protect helpless creatures, and when I discovered how much was left to change and improve, it lit a fire in me to join the fight and give a voice to the voiceless.

Animal Rights encompasses so much, so I want to focus on the areas that have become the most prominently debated and have reached many state houses and senates in order to be voted on. Animal testing, the selling of shelter animals in stores, and wildlife hunting regulations. There is so much more out there, however, and so many bills can use your support and possibly testimony, so checking with your local animal rights groups to see what can be done is always helpful.

Animal testing is detested by many and supported by others. Elle Woods and her fictional journey to ending animal testing with the help of her dog Bruiser might have made viewers think animal testing could be easily defeated, but it sadly isn't anywhere near our current reality. Animal testing will take many more years to end, and currently exists in every state in the U.S. However, four states have taken the step forward and banned animal testing for cosmetics, including California, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia. Animal activists will continue to push states toward joining these four and end the cruel cosmetic testing on animals.

While animal testing will be a behemoth to end entirely, a few states have seen incredible success with passing 'The Right to Release' bill. This is a bill championed by activists, and beagles who survived animal testing, and were released to loving homes. Currently, most animal testing labs will euthanize their test subjects once they are no longer needed. This is almost always unnecessary, as the animals (many of which are beagles, due to their forgiving nature) are usually healthy enough to live out many more years of life. The Right to Release, which has been supported by numerous labs themselves, would allow these animals to be adopted out through the lab, or given to a shelter. I was able to join supporters and watch the bill pass the Oregon Senate unanimously.

Animal testing survivor Leila and Emma

Animal adoption is a great option for finding an incredible animal who will fit into your life and family. However, many stores around the U.S. still sell animals from mills, where hundreds of animals are bred and raised in poor conditions. These animals may be adorable and tempting to people passing by, but many of these pets end up becoming sickly, and can commonly develop conditions that lead to short lives. California and Maryland have passed a bill requiring animals sold be shelter animals, and dozens of others have had it proposed or are currently voting on the issue. Unfortunately for Oregonians, this bill was killed in the House Business and Labor Committee. Hopefully, in time this bill can return for a vote. The goal of this bill is for stores to promote the adoption of shelter pets instead of supporting puppy mills. By doing so, loving animals who need a home will be given that chance.

Although pets are usually the first thing that comes to mind with animal rights, there are millions of wild animals in the United States who also deserve rights, and are being supported by activists. In the past few years, the news has been filled with stories of unlawful killings of mother bears and their cubs, defenseless and sleeping at the time of their death. President Trump has publicly supported removing the ban, therefore allowing hunters to legally kill them. Additionally, the U.S. Department of the Interior has proposed removing legislation prohibiting sport hunting practices in National Parks, designed to preserve the parks and wildlife. Positive hunting issues have been presented throughout the country as well, though. New Jersey has regulated harming endangered animals, and Oregon has proposed a bill to stop gruesome coyote hunting contests.

Animal Rights will continue to be an issue of give and take, but there will always be dedicated people who want the best for animals and will take to lobbying, fundraising and campaigning to make the differences needed to save and protect the pets and wildlife alike in the United States.

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