22 Discounts for College Students

22 Discounts for College Students

Free is our favorite word and discount is our second favorite word.

As most of you know, college students are broke. If someone says free, we automatically start paying attention (which we all know does not happen very often). Discounts also catch our attention, and places all over the country give discounts to students. Unfortunately, most of us do not know where these places are, so here you go. Show your ID at these places, and you will get a discount! You're welcome.

1. Amazon

On amazon, when you make an account, you add your school ID and you get free shipping on items for the first 6 months of your subscription.

2. The New York Times

For the first four months, you can get it for 99 cents, and after those four months, you can get 50% off the regular rates.

3. Wall Street Journal

You get 75% off regular rates for print, online, and mobile delivery.

4. J. Crew

You can get 15% off full priced items.

5. Toms

Students can get free shipping on their order and Toms will donate a pair of Toms to a child in need with every purchase.

6. Banana Republic

You can also get 15% of your full priced items here.

7. Apple Store

You can get up $200 off of new Mac.

8. Norton

Protection for your computer is great. With Norton, you can get up to 50% off of virus protection.

9. Hard Rock Cafe

You can get an entire discounted menu from Hard Rock Cafe.

10. Subway

Students can get 10% off their order just by showing their student ID.

11. Burger King

You can also get 10% off at Burger King.

12. Chick-Fil-A

Depending on the location, you can get a free drink with your order.

13. Firehouse Subs

If your school has a partnership with Firehouse Subs, you may get 10% off. You will just have to ask.

14. Waffle House

OK, who does not love waffles and coffee? I mean, we college students, live off of coffee. At Waffle House, you can get 10% off.

15. Chipotle

At most Chipotle locations, you can get a free drink with your purchase.

16. State Farm

Depending on your grades, you can get 25% of your car insurance.

17. Allstate Insurance

You can save up to 25% off with good grades until you are 26.

18. Geico

If you have a B average, Geico will offer up to 15% off of select coverage.

19. T-Mobile

T-mobile offers 10% monthly rates, waived activation fees, and you can get discounts on devices.

20. Jiffy Lube

Car maintenance is expensive. Jiffy Lube offers $10 or 10% off.

21. AMC Theaters

Bored on a Thursday night? AMC Theaters gives you a dollar off tickets for regular movies, and two dollars off for 3D movies.

22. Cinemark

Cinemark also offers deals to students. Show your school ID at the box office to see what deals they are offering.

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The Best (And Cheapest) Places To Buy Women's Work Clothes

"Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she'll conquer the world." — Marilyn Monroe


Remember the good old days when your closet consisted of mostly sundresses, ripped jeans and crop tops? Those were the days that you could away with owning just one pair of dress pants and one blouse, just for special occasions and interviews. However, as you enter the workforce, it's important to build a stylish, professional wardrobe.

As I'm sure you know, it can be hard to do that on a budget! I'm here to share some of my favorite places to find smart clothes at smart prices.

1. Old Navy

Mid-Rise Pixie Full-Length Pants for Women | Old Navy

Shop for this item at oldnavy.gap.com

Old Navy is my favorite place to get pants for work. Their Pixie Pants are truly the best. These pants are skinny, without being skin-tight, and they come in a bunch of fun, yet professional, patterns! Old Navy also has tons of blouses for any style, body type, and climate. The best part is Old Navy constantly has sales and they offer a pick-up in store option to help shoppers save on shipping and avoid returns.


ASOS is an online British retailer. I LOVE this website. I've gotten everything from bikinis to my wedding veil from this website. It's also a great place to find professional clothes for work! ASOS offers free shipping and returns, and your orders will come rather quickly for coming from another continent. They sell their own brand as well as various American and British brands. You will find many petite, tall, maternity and plus size options on this website.

3. Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Ross

Sure, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Ross aren't known for their online stores, even though many busy women shop on the internet. In fact, Ross and Marshalls don't even give customers the option to shop online. However, the best part of these stores is the chance to hunt for awesome deals! I'm talking Michael Kors and Lilly Pulitzer blouses for $15 and under. Expect to find great deals on designer dresses, tops, pants, blouses, shoes and accessories at any of these retailers.

4. Express Factory Outlet

Shop for this item at express.com

Express is not what I would consider to be a cheap place to shop. However, you'll find great deals at any Express Factory Outlet. Good news- there's 198 Express Factory Outlet locations across the United States! This is another retailer that you'll have to visit in person, but I guarantee it'll be worth it. They usually have a large clearance section that's at least an additional 40% off the lowest ticketed price (but I've seen it go up to 60% off). Their Portofino Shirt, pictured above, is an essential top for any professional woman's wardrobe.

5. Target

Women's Michaela Mid Block Heel Pump Sandals - A New Day™

Shop for this item at target.com

Target has really expanded its clothing options in the past years and they have tons of options for professional wear. My favorite Target clothing brand is called A New Day. They have everything from dress pants to blouses to pantyhose to jewelry to shoes. I'm a sucker for this brand's shoes. I actually own the shoes pictured above in two different colors, taupe (pictured) and periwinkle. I wore the periwinkle ones on my wedding day- they were so comfortable! I wear my taupe ones to work, dinner or the club. The best clothing is multipurpose.

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