College is a wonderful time of crazy highs and lows. While everyone has a unique college experience, there are some emotions and experiences that are universal. Like the frustration that comes with being turned into a llama. Wait, what? No, that's not right. OK, so maybe not all feelings are universal, but "The Emperor's New Groove" covers a wide range of things that all college students go through.

When you realize you're surrounded by idiots

How do they not know that's where the comma goes? Is there even a period at the end of that sentence? English is your first language, right?

In chemistry lab, realizing you've missed your calling as an evil scientist

Your lab partner won't make eye contact with you, but that's okay. You're going to take over the world with your evil genius. Let's just not mention the C- you got on the last quiz.

Trying to explain why your friend should give you the number of that cute guy they're friends with

It doesn't matter that you've never actually talked to him, right? You just know it's meant to be.

Mastering the ability to make that five page minimum by just restating everything you said in the first paragraph

Your professor won't notice. Hopefully.

When you have no idea what your professor just asked you in your French class

There is no way that was French. Klingon, maybe. Or possibly some variation of Elvish. But definitely not French.

When you're the only one in your study group who got an A on the test

You answered every question with C, but somehow managed to get a better grade than the people who didn't sleep through class.

Tripping over a crack in the sidewalk while strutting to class

Sometimes it feels like the whole world, including the sidewalk, just wants to ruin your smooth moves.

When one of your friends makes Keurig coffee and you try to warn the others not to drink it before it's too late

Coffee is coffee, but Keurig coffee isn't coffee. It's flavored water. It's a traitor to coffee. It's a poison that stains the name of coffee.

When your professor gives a pop quiz you're completely unprepared for

You know you don't stand a chance, but you won't let them see you cry.

When your group project members try to come up with lame reasons not to participate

That's okay. You don't need them anyway. You can totally write an entire paper, presentation, poster, thesis, and world domination plan all by yourself.

When you order food for all your friends because you're the only one with meal plan money left

Sometimes you feel like a human vending machine.

Or when you try to sell your extra meal plan money and someone asks to buy it at half price

This is your hard earned money that your parents and student loans are covering, so no one gets it if you can't make a profit.

When your professor assigns extra homework the day before class

Cleaning is being productive, right? You're totally getting something done. Maybe not that five page paper due by midnight, but at least you can find your bed again.

When you start to question the sanity of your friends

Maybe it was too many all-nighters or not enough caffeine, but there's definitely something not right.

When you fall asleep in the library and your friend nudges you awake for the fifth time

Is that drool on your book? Casual mouth wipe. Yep, definitely drool. Goodbye, dignity.

Mornings when the coffee hasn't quite kicked in yet

Morning people are not from this planet. There's no way they are human.

When you ace that test you studied a grand total of eight minutes for

Cause you're a boss and cramming always works. Always.

Arriving at your best friend's place uninvited

Cause let's be honest, you basically live there.

When you think you're alone and your musical side comes out and then someone walks by

Just be glad you hadn't started your own choreographed dance yet. That would have been awkward.

Filling out job applications that ask for a detailed history of your life, including what your favorite craft was in kindergarten

Because every job requires the ability to string macaroni noodles on a piece of yarn. Duh.

When you realize you're about to graduate and reality finally sets in

Deep breaths. You will survive the real world. Probably.