1. You find yourself admiring the grass a little too much.

2. It's normal for your hair to be a disaster due to the campus wind tunnels located near the library.

3. You often find yourself eating lunch, playing frisbee or Kubb in front of Davis.

And John Gray clones himself?

4. You know way too many zoo science students.

5. Hearing the sounds of banging pots and pans is comparable to that of angels singing.

All hail the inventor of Walk Outs. Thanks for the free food.

6. Late-night breakfast is the only way you get through finals week.

7. You hope and pray for the day you get to go inside the bell tower.

8. You're okay with living in a land-locked state because all the sand we need is located outside of Green Hall.

9. Some days you just have to take the middle stairs in Davis.

Okay, maybe it's every day.

10. The Banana Bandits are still a mystery to you.

Or maybe you are one. No one really knows.

11. The sprinklers catch you off-guard almost every day.

12. You miss Pam more than your parents.

No fluffernutter will ever taste the same.

13. You take the shortcut through Riney to BTB literally every day.

14. After any kind of precipitation, all shoes must have high traction.

We're pretty sure the sidewalks were intended to be death-traps.

15. If you don't attend at least one ballet in the year, your friends will shun you.

And your Instagram is filled with pictures that bring back your 5-year-old dream of being a ballerina.

16. Christmas is the most magical time of year.

No one decorates quite like Friends U.

17. Move-In day is the most hectic day of your life.

What won't we do for a free t-shirt?

18. You can always count on Jazzman's and Sandella's when Casado just won't cut it.

A brownie the size of your face never fails to make your stomach smile.

19. You've always dreamed of standing on stage in a red prom dress.

Thank you, Singing Quakers, for making us love songs we never knew existed.

20. If you live on campus, you can sleep through a fire alarm and know how to live without water for a few days.

21. You have taken at least one photo that looks like this.