Looking to save some money? Exhaust all your options when it comes to your everyday household items with just a little creativity and time! There are so many different ways to use your Scotch tape, dryer sheets, old tissue boxes... and let's not forget the 1,000+ uses for the holy grail of multi-use products: coconut oil.

Here are my top 22 uses for household products:

1. Wine glass as a candle holder

2. Ice tray as a dessert tray

3. Deodorant for rubbing shoes

4. Dryer sheets as shoe/gym bag fresheners or in your trash can to prevent that eternal garbage-y smell

5. Bandaids or tape for perfectly-winged eyeliner

6. Coconut oil for everything from cooking or lip balm to shaving 'cream' or makeup remover

7. Baking soda as a teeth whitener

8. Clear nail polish for coating tarnishing jewelry

9. Bag clasps as electrical cord labels

10. Tissue box as a plastic bag container

11. Cooking oil to remove tape residue

13. Aloe as aftershave

14. A carabiner as an ~anything~holder

15. Baby powder to remove oil stains

16. Muffin/cupcake liner + rubber band = jar cover

17. Ice cubes as a pore-minimizing toner (add green tea or caffeine if you like)

18. Rice + socks or pillowcase + microwave = DIY heating pack (add essential oils for a little extra relaxation)

19. Tennis ball as a bottle opener

21. Hair straightener as an iron

22. Wine bottle as a rolling pin