21 Things You Learn At 21

Being 21 might sound like the greatest thing ever... but in reality, you're just another year closer to being old and wrinkly.

Okay, sure, maybe that is a TINY BIT dramatic, but can we just be honest with ourselves... the only good thing about being 21 is that you can buy alcohol on your own, and spending your own money definitely isn't fun! So, take a few minutes and check out the 21 things I learned at 21!

1. Alcohol is really expensive

Sure, it's fun to go out and drink at a party when you're not the one supplying the alcohol... but once the money starts flowing out of your pockets you'll realize it's just not that great.

2. Easier access to alcohol means more belly weight

Yes, beer bellies are a thing! You thought your freshman 15 was bad? Just wait and see what you look like after a few months of easy access to alcohol does to you!

3. Beersomnia SUCKS!

I don't know about you, but as I've gotten older I've definitely started to value my sleep schedule a lot more! With that being said, beer definitely disrupts my sleeping pattern and it's not worth it!

4. Wine is your friend

There are few things more relaxing than a chilled glass of wine after a stressful day!

5. Tequila is actually pretty good!

Okay, I HATED tequila when I first started drinking. I wanted nothing more than to be Meredith Grey on a Friday night shooting back shots of tequila... but it just isn't my thing. However, margaritas ARE my thing, and they're great!

6. Bars > Frat Parties

Frat parties are always sweaty, over-crowded, and honestly kind of dirty. Going to bars is definitely a better alternative once you're 21!

7. Drinking at home is fun

Spending a Friday night at home watching a movie with your drink of choice is a great alternative to a night out!

8. You don't have to drink to have a good time

You really don't!

9. Weekends are more productive when you're not hungover

Imagine spending your Sunday morning outside adventuring, or at the library getting work done instead of curled up in bed feeling nauseous!

10. You can save a lot of money...

If you don't get drunk and can avoid calling ubers!

11. Water is your best friend

Seriously, if you're going to spend a night out, remember to order a water every once in a while

12. Discovering your go-to drink is fun

There's nothing better than walking up to a bartender and having the confidence to order exactly what you want without having to ask "what's in this?"

13. Paying a cover for a club isn't worth it!

Seriously, save your money and go to the bar down the street.

14. Less drinking = less acne

Your overall appearance totally improves when you STOP drinking!

15. If you're going to drink, you need to exercise

You're getting older and your metabolism is getting slower! You have to make a choice to either step up the exercise or stop drinking so much!

16. Free drinks are the best drinks

There's nothing more exciting than having someone buy your drinks at the bar! The less money I have to spend, the better!

17. You have more free time...

When you choose to not go out and drink!

18. Throwing up in a stranger's toilet isn't cute

Seriously, by the time you're 21, you should be able to hold your alcohol!

19. Drinking doesn't make you cool

It really doesn't... being you makes you cool! You should never feel like you need a drink to have a good time!

20. Don't drink away your problems

I'm sure a therapist is cheaper and a better use of your time anyways!

21. 21 only lasts 365 days! Bring on the Taylor Swift year! #22

I'm feeling 22!!!! (Almost!)

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